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Official Monster Truck 2024 Thread


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Monster Jam 2024 Schedule got released, y'all know what that means. Didn't get stopped with the last thread either, so here I go again...


Here's what we currently know about the upcoming 2024 season regarding Monster Trucks!


Monster Jam

- The 2024 Monster Jam Schedule and Lineups dropped yesterday! Showing each tour lineup every two hours, starting from 10 AM EST until 6 PM EST

- Both stadium tours have switched from color names, to their respective destinations, Stadium Championship Series West & Stadium Championship Series East!

- Stadium Championship Series West will feature Adam and Ryan Anderson, putting the two together for the first time since the 2021 Stadium Championship Series, very excited to see this rivalry again!

- As like last year, most of the tours are not completely filled, except for Stadium Championship Series East, it is unknown when we will get more information regarding who will fill what spot in what tour.

- David Olfert will be making his first quarter stadium debut in Velociraptor next year on Stadium Championship Series West!

- Joe Foley will be running El Toro Loco on the Axe chassis for Stadium Championship Series West.

- While not shown on the lineup for Arena Championship Series East, there will be a Megalodon truck running for one of the 2 TBD spots, who will drive is currently unknown.

- While not shown on the lineup for Arena Championship Series West, there will be an EarthShaker, an El Toro Loco, and a Velociraptor running for the three remaining slots, who will be driving each truck is currently unknown.

- Monster Jam is set to make its inaugural debut in Oracle Park in San Francisco, California as the opening event for Stadium Championship Series West 

- Monster Jam will also be debuting at Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama, for Stadium Championship Series West aswell.




- As of this post, we don't have any new information regarding new trucks/tours, so be sure to follow this page as new information gets released.

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