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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Credits: Andrew/Fern: Motor and Fuel Cell Andrew: SIR Tires and Body Fern: Radiator and Trans Coolers Kyle: Paint Steele: N/B Help and ISP Seat Clayton: Shocks Will: Mini Blaise: Original GD35 N/B Crazy: Cheetah Shifter Not an open custom
  2. JonnyZimmer

    Kill Switch

    I mean if your gonna clone my truck at least credit me and the right people
  3. Jon Zimmer Cyber#8927 Excaliber
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Happy new year!!!!! Here is the truck that Justin Sipes ran in the 2018 season. Andrew- Body/Paint Kozak- Chassis Mark- N/B Help and Sponsor Panels Crazy- Shifter Fern- Motor,Fuel Cell,Radiator,and Trans coolers Will- Mini Zach- Isp seat
  5. Been working on this for a bit, figured I would share.
  6. Bro what is up with your shock situation
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Had a lot of fun working on this pack I think it turned out pretty good. Huge shout out to everyone who helped out with this project. Side note trucks have been tested and ONLY working on 0.4.6 Trucks included in this pack -AmsoilShockTherapy 2010 -AmsoilShockTherapy 2011 -Excaliber 2010 Credits: Andrew: Body/SIR Tires Andrew/Fern: Motor and Fuel Cell Fern: Radiator/Trans Coolers Chris: Paints Kozak: Chassis Steele: New ISP Seat RKM: Gauges Will: Minis Chad/RKM: Beta testing online SM Community: Other various props
  8. Thanks man, I will change the inner rim around the hub to red before release
  9. Just finished these up, huge thanks to @worldfinals (Chris) for the paints. Should be uploaded to the site sometime tonight if not tomorrow.
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