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B-bash FR 11/25/11

Josh Gajewski

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We are gunna be running my home town track of Detroit for my 14 b-day 18 ppl will makeit

Qual 4pm-6pm est

Chat starts at 6:15pm est

Drivers Meeting will start about 6:20pm est

Racing will start about 6:30 pm est

End estmaited 7:30pm est ?




Trucks Taken:

Josh Gajewski - Grinder

Matt Wilkinson - Team Meents

Luis Lebron - American Guardian

John C - Bigfoot 2000

Alex Veith - Mopar Magic

Mike G - Pastrana 199

Ryan Pennington - AM/PM Boss

Zach Nicholas - Grave Digger

Cory Norman - SUD

Tyler May - Max-d

Danny Hubbard - Metal Mulisha

Damian Bowers - Untapped Rage

Jordan Wolfson - U.S Airforce Afterburner

Zach Steele - Animated Madness

Dallas Vanvoorst - GDL

Magnus Birkelund - Time Flys

Luke Wierenga - Avenger

Mark Colineri - Stone Crusher

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