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Post your R/C Videos Thread


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ILMTC Racing Highlights(Watch for my Grave Digger, Son-Uva Digger, and Excaliber):

USA-1 Freestyle:

My old Excaliber's last freestyle:

I've got many, many more videos of my trucks floating around Youtube. If you want to find them just look for my channel ACDCFan38 or my friend MrDestruction21. Plenty of clod racing videos on both those channels.

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For a starter, start with a Traxxas truck. What Josh and Stephen have aren't those "Lets go to the hobby store and buy R/C lolololol." I remember Josh posting a thread about what its like having a clod but I can't remember where it is. I'm just starting out and I have the Traxxas 1/10. They're really fun to bash around with, and I have not come out with any problems or anything. Or you can also go with the Wheely King. i'd recommend either of those for a starter.

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oh. i see. is that what id want for a starter? or... a 1/10 or 1/16?

Depends on what you're wanting to do and how concerned you are about it being close to the real thing. IMO, a Wheely King with a Traxxas Monster Jam body would be a good looking "scale" starter. I've had my King for almost 5 years now and it's a ton of fun. Just do some online researching and find what would best suit you.

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