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  1. Although idk how to texture anything like dirt or putting lines on the track. Heres a HUGE update on the Custom SoCal track...
  2. Im not sure what you mean. do you have skype where we can discuss what you mean?
  3. Thoughts?? Just the start! Pretty good considering i just started making tracks again today Here's an update before bed, god the nice double completed! Probably the best double I've ever made.
  4. Hey guys, havent really been on the forums in a while and wanted to start getting back into it, im starting my world finals project which i made months ago, i was wondering if anyone could help me with that as i cant remember anything from texturing my track or exporting it. If you can a skype would be great. Thanks!
  5. Im really missing making tracks...maybe ill get back into it...
  6. Tharindu, what about toronto?? whats happening with that?? <_< <_<
  7. Are you going to be making a 0.38 version of these trucks aswell? or will you be sticking with 0.37 trucks only?
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