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Being a music man i like to get to know people i meet through the music they like. so i decided to make this thread so people can post a few of their favorite songs. i only have one rule for topic:

DON'T POST A BILLION SONGS IN ONE MESSAGE!! please limit yourselves to 1-3 songs in each post.

I'll start things off with one of my 402 favorite songs and one i use to relax:

hope you enjoy and let me see what you like!

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I'll have to get the video from you tube later, but my favorite song ever is the song Everything by limp bizkit. It is a must have for anyone who likes to just sit and mellow out. It's 16 min. long and entirely improvised. It's off limp bizkit's first cd from 1997, 3 dollar bill y'all$. This song will blow ur mind... With out any mind altering substances if you know what I mean

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