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Monster Jam World Finals 13 Replica Funrun 3/8/14


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So someone tried this around this time a year ago, but it was never ran unfortunatly. I doubt we will fill the field but we can try

Available trucks: Maximum Destruction, Avenger, Grave Digger, Grinder, Bounty Hunter, Captains Curse, Mohawk Warrior, Grave Digger the Legand, Northern Nightmare, Madusa, Iron Man, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, Hot Wheels Firestorm, Metal Mulisha, Son-uva Digger, Stone Crusher, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Brutus, Monster Energy, Crusader and Captain America.


Qualifying to make the brackets will be on 3/14/14 from 3-6 EST

You will get a practice in your lane of choice if you want, then you will take one pass in both lanes, best time will be documented.

Chat goes up at 2:30 EST on 3/16/14

Event should start at 3:00 EST 


Track Link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/587-world-finals-13/

Sign up in this format:




Event Runners:
Judges: Me, Robbie Milburn, N/A, 

Streamers, Me,N/A

Timer: Magnus Birkelund

Rii Person: Daniel Donnelly

DJ (maybe): N/A

Call people in person: Blair Lockhart

Server: Jon Cannon


Taken Trucks:

Daniel Simon in Stone Crusher 

Trevor Amos in Maximum Destruction

Bob Jones in Bounty Hunter 

Aaron Cruikshank in Grave Digger

Corbin MacAulay in Grave Digger the Legend

Zach Nicholas in Metal Mulisha 

Jack in Northern Nightmare

Robbie Milburn in Crusader

Hagan James in Son-Uva Digger

Joshua Micks in Monster Energy

Daniel Donnelly in Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

Dan Agosh in Wolverine

Alex Steiale in Avenger

Guessing his name is Nate in El Toro Loco

Tharindu Don in Mohawk Warior

Dylan Bernier in Captains Curse http://sim-monsters....ins-curse-2013/

Andrew Field in Monster Mutt

Voth in Grinder

Jon Cannon in Brutus 

Matt Wilkinson in Spider Man

<3 Edy Beltran in Madusa <3

Andrew Sheets in Captain America

Jerimiah Price in Iron Man

Aaron Lurie in Monster Mutt Dalmation

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