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Not necessarily a sale but if anyone is looking for chassis work, be it a 100% from the ground up custom chassis or just a simple modification to a pre existing chassis, just message me!

(Just a small note, a 100% scratch built chassis done by me starts at $30,000 minimum and go up from there depending on how complex, overall detail and layout wanted).

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*Official Can-Am Racing Announcement*

We are currently looking for a full time driver to fill the hole left by the departure of our former team owner RKM. If you are interested in joining CAR, please message me with your resume and explain why you'd be a good fit for us; but there are things that come with making the move to our team. First and foremost, if we bring you in, you will be driving Liquidator; the truck that RKM was gonna drive. That means that if you own your own truck, that truck will be parked; and then you'll have a decision to make. You can either keep ownership of your truck so that you have a truck still available if things don't work out, or if your tired of owning your own truck, you can sign over ownership of the truck to us; but keep in mind that if you do that, everything that goes with the truck (including the name) will then belong to us 100%. That means that if you sign over your truck but things don't work out, you'll be without a truck of your own to run; unless you've earned enough money to build another truck or get hired on by another team. Just keep those things in mind while trying to make your decision.

Also, the body shop at Can-Am Racing currently is empty; so if anyone is looking for paint work, send us a message and we'll see what we can do. Base price for a paint job is $3,000, and the price could go up depending on the complexity of what you want painted.


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Great condition Racesource monster truck; ran 7 events; only 2 light rollovers! Complete monster truck operation with everything except the name (engine, transmission, seat, shocks, tires, etc.)


Turn-key monster truck operation - $125,000

Turn-key monster truck operation without plain concept dog body - $110,000


-Racesource chassis, in great condition (no re-welding, re-powder coating necessary)

-New PEI shocks

-8-ply Goodyear Terra tires (66"x43"x25") w/ sidewall paint

-The best-of-the-best in-cab equipment 

-Concept body representing a vicious dog

-Everything you need in a great monster truck is right here!


Please contact Daniel Donnelly or Chadwick Deerfoot for anymore information/purchasing opportunities:
AIM - dandonmt@aol.com (Daniel Donnelly), beardman53mt (Chadwick Deerfoot)

Sim-Monsters - Private message DanDon (Daniel Donnelly), Private message DirtyDawg (Chadwick Deerfoot)


*This is YOUR chance to own a very unique and strong piece to start up your own monster truck team!*

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As an update to this post, due to schedules being reworked, the truck is now available! Also, one thing to note is that the truck doesn't have King coilovers; we took those off before the beginning of the season in favor of brand new PEI shocks. Please note that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the truck, we just feel that at this point less is more; as we don't need another truck sitting at the shop, seeing as how we already have 4 sitting idle lol. Now with all of that said, let's get to the asking price.

We are selling the truck turn key, meaning ready to run; complete with the 3-D dog body, though the name is not included.

Here's a full breakdown of the prices for the truck:
Turn key: $125,000, minus the body: $110,000

If your interested in purchasing this truck in any form, contact either me or Donnelly; serious inquiries only, no tire kickers. ;)


We are now pricing this truck to move!

The truck is now priced at $90,000 turnkey, with or without the body; we need this thing gone, and you won't find a better truck for the money!

Please keep in mind that the name DOES NOT go with the truck, the Newedle name is the sole property of Preston Perez.

Please note that this truck is no longer for sale, an announcement to the future of this truck will be coming soon.

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From the DJM and Friends Inc. Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois:




With Season 2 of SMRA Starting in a few months, DJM and Friends Inc. are looking to sell assets from Season 1 in preparation.


Full Turn-Key truck formerly known as "King Air"

  • Cohen Chassis that was extensively rebuilt after the SMRA World Finals.
  • Only used for 6 shows.
  • Only 2 roll-overs.
  • Comes with: Goodyear Tires, ISP Seat, Four Optima Batteries, Beadlocked Rims, Coil-Over Suspension using King Shocks
  • Naming rights ARE NOT included

Price: $63,000. Willing to negotiate if needed.


From the Deja Vu II truck:

  • CRD Chassis only used for 1 season. Repairs made after the SMRA World Finals.

Price: $19,000. Willing to negotiate if needed.

  • Nitrogen Shocks

Price: $2,000



Other Items:

  • Two (2) Ford Trophy Truck bodies.

Price: $2,500 per body.  SOLD

  • 4 Sets of beadlocked rims.

Price: $1,000 per set.




Please contact either Myself (devindoss@hotmail.com) or Mason Watts (mighthesitate@gmail.com) on AIM if you are interested in any of these items.

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Looking for a mechanic That can help finish my truck. It is about 75% complete.

Requirements: Blender 2.64.

Pay will be discussed when finished.

Basically, Im to lazy to figure out the rest of Blender2.64 and don't want to restart in 2.49. The truck needs lexan, finish c0ckpit, body needs to be re mapped, and the whole thing exported and put in game. Not much right? This truck has been in the works for 2 years now and deserves to see atleast one Officially sanctioned event. JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

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*Green Lantern Monster Truck For Sale*


Turn key, race ready, state of the art monster truck from the Can-Am Racing stables. 

Truck is a proven winner, having picked up 3 freestyle wins in SMRA last year.

*CRD chassis that's not even a year old yet, and only has 2 rolls on it; and any damage sustained in said rolls has been fixed.

*575 cubic inch Dart big block making 1800hp.

*Coan Powerglide transmission connected to a Cyclone Gearbox transfer case.

*Custom built Crazyman444 steering knuckles and sheet metal housings with lockers front and rear.

*Custom built NKO 30 inch travel shocks all around.

*Custom built Crazyman444 beadlock rims with Ukraine tires all around.


*The best in safety equipment, including an ISP seat and Deist harnesses.

The truck is being sold 100% turn key with the rights to the name, and the asking price is $100,000 firm; we won't part out the truck in any way either, so don't ask.

Please contact beardman53mt if your interested in purchasing this top of the line piece, and no tire kickers; serious inquiries only!

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Alright, update to our classifieds offer; we are now offering Green Lantern and Overkill Evolution as a package deal. Both trucks, 100% turn-key names and all, are for sale for $80,000 as a package; meaning that we're basically asking around $40,000 for each truck. Message me on here or on AIM at beardman53mt to discuss buying both of these top notch trucks.

Deal is off the table as Overkill Evo is no longer available.

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