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  1. soooo, im slowly learning blender. i dont know how to rip stuff from other trucks yet, but im trying. please be gentle.
  2. Huge shoutout to @stimson122 for making this beast come to life..
  3. Probably my best paint to date for ROR. Will be hopefully done soonish.
  4. Name: Bradley Shaw Truck: Riptide 2020 Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): Will be up when it's done Discord: MonsterTruckCanucker#7608 Song (Custom Trucks Only):
  5. Wasn't China Syndrome the name of Al Hofmann's funny car back in the day?
  6. Something Myself, Fern and Soto whipped up for my new ride in SMRA. Still needs some work but we are getting there.
  7. yes, i found my rfactor finally.
  8. BAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew one day this will come back!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!
  9. There will be doors, just half doors similar to a Jeep. Excited for the news for your guys's team as well man!
  10. By the way, ya boi designed Pretty Wicked. Now i have another truck design in real life. Persistance pays off you thicc boiss
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