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V4 ReplicaMaximum Destruction Pack


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Maximum Destruction Pack

The wait is finally over. The Maximum Destruction pack is now out for all of you to try!

Mirror 1 is the HIGH QUALITY

Mirror 2 is the LOW QUALITY

This was a huge project, took over a year to complete. But in the end it was all worth it. 10 trucks are in the pack for now.

Trucks are:

  • Maximum Destruction Original Tom
  • Maximum Destruction Original Neil
  • Maximum Destruction Original World Finals Racing
  • Maximum Destruction Original World Finals Freestyle
  • 10th Anniversary LED Max D
  • 10th Anniversary Spiked Max D
  • 10th Anniversary Chrome Spiked World Finals Racing
  • 10th Anniversary Chrome Spiked World Finals Freestyle
  • 2014 Spiked Max D Tom
  • 2014 Spiked Max D Neil

Many more Max D's are gonna be later updated in the pack!

Trucks to be added later include:

  • Maximum Destruction Original CRD Kreg
  • 10th Anniversary Spiked CRD Kreg
  • 2014 Spiked CRD Morgan
  • Max D Stunt Truck

Also gotta give a huge thanks to everyone who helped!

Steve Harlow- Body

Nicholas Kozak- Chassis, Referance Photos, Node Beam help

Matt Wilkinson- Node Beam, Tire Models, Fuel Cell, Settings, Axle

Micheal Murray- Crazy Props

Klayton Halog- Tire Textures, Shock Models, Referance Shots, Brake Rotor

Aaron Lurie- Baking many parts

Myself- Paints, 4links, knuckles, Shock Textures, Rims, TieRods, Drive Shafts etc.

Also a huge thanks to all the beta testers to make sure everything worked!

John Cannon

Tom Papaccio

Chadwick Deerfoot

Micheal DesRoaches

Josh Dig Rhodes

Ethan Dean

Tharindu Don

Devin Doss

Mason Watts

If I forgot anyone, I apologize. but thank you to everyone that helped!

Updated 0.4 standalone - Danny Mackey


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Can't even get them to open. I put the zip file in the file with all the other trucks, and I get an error message saying that monsterstart.wav (or something close to that) cannot be found. I tried dumping the zip file's contents into the monster truck folder and got the same result. I read in the comments of the download file that i need a certain sound pack. Where can that be found? I cannot seem to find it and am pretty sure that is the likely problem.

Thanks for your help! 

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Its an amazing pack. Amazing work from everyone that contributed. Spiked Max Ds take a slightly bigger FPS impact then the others (about 70 with Spiked and 80-90 with Glow and 112 with normals) but with the detail the difference is worth it.

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so cool to be driving these masterpieces thanks all, body's are spot on paints are awesome, the new node beam (allowing rocking on your roof) so cool and the suspension works so well, I'm going to lay a claim that these trucks are the most realistic gaming monster trucks ever :)

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