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  1.  can i join your team 


  2. acdcfan56

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

    Driver: Johan Seminario Truck: Black Widow Discord: acdcfan56 3928 Hometown (Optional): Space Download- Danny you already have it <3 Truck Song-
  3. acdcfan56

    NAMT 2018 Team Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

  4. acdcfan56

    Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Wow. For the past year I for sure thought we wouldn't get back to the quality of trucks we had a few years back, but this is the first time in a year that I actually went through every page in SYP. Just incredible progression. Well done everyone. Really showing the quality we have as a community to out do many others. I don't think I ever seen such smooth paints before in a such a constant manner from different users. I'm just amazed!
  5. acdcfan56

    Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Am I doing this right?
  6. acdcfan56

    Show Your Projects Chapter 55

    always feared that when someone tried to revamp my trucks it would be more of a downgrade. You proved me wrong. Nice job!
  7. acdcfan56

    Life 2.0

    I got burned out from this place a long time ago, honestly it's more on me though. But since I kept taking so many tasks that it eventually felt like more of a job then a fun hobby. Sucks I was advancing in ways I never thought would, now I can't even open blender for 30 seconds before closing it again. Join the club buddy, that makes what 5 now? Sucks but everyone is moving on I think these are the big guys that were on that now don't do much (could be wrong) Danny Mackey Mark Colineri Edy Myself Devin Doss Aaron Klayton Soon Fern haha
  8. acdcfan56

    Show Your Projects Chapter 51

    Lol, if you're gonne get hurt that easily, you're gonna have a bad time. No need to get mad, he didn't bash you, he didn't insult you he just said what you did. If he is wrong you could just tell him he's wrong but not go off and tell him to make a truck. The real question here is he wrong? Or did you actually finish what someone else started? And actually until you actually create more than 80% of the parts on you're own as in Model them, texture them, and place them, (Which only a few here can do) then you aren't doing much of a difference he is by just placing parts. Hell even if those top creators said that to another member, all it makes us look is like a jackas.s anyway, so there is no point. Truck looks great loving the update to stone crusher, but don't start talking like you are the best here...
  9. acdcfan56

    MTM2 Music Project

  10. acdcfan56

    MTM2 Music Project

    Real musicians read music js
  11. acdcfan56

    Show Your Projects Chapter 50

    not gonna lie, that is incredible but this also awesome cause I can see how some models are made and now I can make my own. More cab parts now for trucks!
  12. acdcfan56

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Flexy flex
  13. acdcfan56

    Show Your Projects Chapter 49

    Everyone here needs to get banned who is under the age of 16 to be honest, even then some need to get off this site. How about you all just shut up and stop asking for crap, we aren't your damn parents, and we don't give you anything you want by just crying like a little b!tch.
  14. acdcfan56

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    .4 works with the lights yay