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RoRWR S1E4 Anaheim 2013 6/26/14


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Well Guys I'm so excited to say that we've made it to the 4th week of Season 1. It's not like its a lot but I'm still excited that this league is doing good. So Once again we will be using Challonge for our brackets. Lets also see this week if either one of last weeks winners:Josh Gajewski and Will Meyer can get a win this week. Last week the vent was so smooth and we didn't have any problems. So lets shoot for another great event.
Rules:Aim chat will open at 7:05est
Event starts at 7:15est or 7:10est depending on if we get all the people in quick.
Sign Ups:
1.Jeremiah Price/Monster Energy
2.Iron Outlaw
3.Bob Jones/Crusader
4.zach Nicholas/iron man
5.will Meyer/scooby doo
6.Dylan Bernier/Doomsday
7.Seth Holloway/Thor
8.Special Driver/Outlaw
9.Yovany Rayos/Spike
10.Aaron Cruickshank/Blue Thunder
11.Josh Gajewski/Max D
12.Alan Echevarria/Titan

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Well Guys another awesome event for the Rigs Of Rods Wreckless Racers league. Tonight we had a whole lot of action. Madusa making her debut. A special Anonymous Driver coming into Rigs Of Rods Wreckless Racers. This event was a lot of fun. Well onto Our winners. Once again we had Josh Gajewski in Max D get his third racing win tonight here in Anaheim. But we also had Madusa finally make it into the Rigs Of Rods Wreckless Racers event taking the freestyle win in a vote off against Maximum Destruction. Well guys heres the scores:


Blue Thunder-21
Scooby Doo-18
Iron Man-28
Monster Energy-26
Max D-29
See ya next week!
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