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Custom World Finals 2 Fun Run 6 - 7/2/14 @ 3:30 CST


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1st Event in a Series running through all of the Custom World Finals Tracks. Replica Trucks only. Qualifying will seed you into the bracket. Cut Off Line will be determined depending on amount of Sign Ups. Please be sure to download the track & all trucks.


Schedule of Events

AIM Chat Opens - 3:30 PM CST

Driver's Meeting - 3:40 PM

Event Qualifying - 3:45 PM

Racing to Follow Qualifying, Freestyle to Follow Racing. 


Sign Up Format

Name: Alex Steinhaus

Truck: Metal Mulisha 2014

AIM: alexsteinhaus@yahoo.com



Server Host - TBA

Timer - 

RII Official - Fernando Martinez

Freestyle Judges - (4) Malkey, Fernando Martinez

Livestreamer - TBA

Commentator - Alex Steinhaus & TBA

*Message Me on AIM to Apply for Above Positions. Any posts on this thread will NOT be considered*


Field of Trucks

  1. Alex Steinhaus (alexsteinhaus@yahoo.com) Metal Mulisha 2014
  2. Malkey (malkemiddleton@email.com) Grave Digger XIX Update
  3. John Cannon (monsterjamdude21) Firestone Bigfoot 14 (Edy's Updates)
  4. Nick Loynes (Tenderloynes9) Son-Uva Digger 2014
  5. Alan Echevarria (alanechevarria) Black El Toro Loco
  6. Fernando Martinez (Fernando Martinez) Monster Energy (Saucier)
  7. Bob Jones (danielw@visi.com) Monster Mutt Rottweiler 2014
  8. Zach Nicolas (tempestxblade@aim.com) Max-D 2014
  9. David Trevino (dt10121@gmail.com) Bounty Hunter 2005
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As you can see above, We are in Need of a LOT of people to fill those jobs. If you can serve under one or two of those jobs, or know anyone that can, please message me ASAP!!!

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