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Fun Run: Saturday, July 5th @ Arnhem 2013

Preston Pérez

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Alright guys I'm back for a bit, Thought I'd host another one of these fun runs during my time-off. This time it will be at Arnhem! This is a normal event with racing and freestyle only... NO QUALIFYING. So if you sign-up and show up, you are automatically in! You may use any truck you desire whether it be a custom or a replica as long as you post a link for me along with it. Hope to see you there! :)


Track: Arnhem 2013





Event Time: 

Saturday, July 5th

Chat opens at 4:00 PST, 6:00 CST & 7:00 EST

Event starts at 4:30 PST, 6:30 CST & 7:30 EST




Hagan James - West Wind Training Center: Amiin

Anonymous - Grave Digger

Dalton Widner - Murdered Out

Mark Colineri - Wicked Willys

Devin Doss - Thor

Alan Echevarria - The Paddy Wagon

Aaron Schultz - Pure Insanity

Jon Cannon - Pony Express

Blake Thompson - Maximum Destruction

Dominic Hocutt - Bounty Hunter

Alex Steinhaus - El Toro Loco

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