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Fun Run July 25th at Chico 2014


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Heading out west to Chico California for a night of action under the lights, With Wheelies, Racing, and Freestyle. Here's what you need to know


The sign ups will be a preset field of trucks (as seen below) 10 entries and after the field is set the rest can only be a fill in for whatever truck needs a fill in. Anyone besides driver previously banned from racing in ROR-TN may sign up, those who do will be discounted as always. Drivers meeting, and track link will be up soon


6:30 Aim Chat goes up

7:00 Drivers meeting and Racing gets started


Field of Trucks you can choose from:
Rockstar driven by: FernBurn

Titan driven by: salohciN hcaZ

Bigfoot 19 driven by: Mitch Bumbsasses
California Kid driven by: Preston Perez
Bounty Hunter (Black) driven by: Alex Steinhaus

Iron Outlaw (Black) driven by: Robbie Milburn

Identity Theft driven by: Dylan Bernier

Time Fly's driven by: soɯɐ ɹoʌǝɹʇ

Heavy Hitter driven by: Chace Leahy
River Rat driven by: Blake Thompson

The Patriot driven by: Daniel Simon

Tropical Thunder driven by: Marcus

Detour driven by: Chadwick Deerfoot

Bucked up driven by: Will Skyork

Captain USA driven by: Mark Colineri

Stinger driven by: Dalton Widner

Storm Damage: DevonTheStriker452


Hurricane Force: Dan Agosh

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