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Thoughts on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


What do you think of the new Call of Duty  

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  1. 1. What do you think about Advanced Warfare?

    • Creators have simply went too far
    • Creators made a much better CoD than what was made in the past.

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It was better when the stuck to WW1 or 2. In my opinion, World at War was the best CoD and they need to make something like that again. I'm sick of all this modern crap. Although Black ops 1 & 2 weren't bad. Treyarch makes the best games. 

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CoD Advanced Rehash, CoD Advanced Rehash 2, CoD Advanced Rehash 3, CoD Special (Ops) Rehash , CoD Special Rehash 2, CoD Special Rehash 3... Oh, oops, I just leaked the next 5 years of CoD  games... they're all pretty much the same. My brother and his "boyfriend" are Xbox fanboys that are too daft to see that so I would know...

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You play CS?




Would've never guessed.

I bet I can guess the 3 people that liked your post (Tharindu, Mason and DannyMackey) before I actually look.

*edit* 66% correct is a passing grade.


As for the game it will be crap they all are and will continue to be aslong as people keep buying them.

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