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Pre Season Event 3 11/12/14 Birmingham 2012


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We're back folks! This time we're heading to the great state of Alabama to Birmingham for some ROR-TN Pre-season action. 


Things you need to know:

Date: 11/12/14


Aim Chat: 6:00 PM EASTERN....Race Starts at 6:30 Eastern

Track Link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/721-birmingham-2012/


Rules: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/topic/6777-rules-points-and-schedule/ Basic Low Down on the rules. I'm sure most of you get the basic way to behave during a race. 


Sign Ups: (Must be in your Event Truck) 

Dylan Bernier: Monster Energy

Alex Steinhaus: Bounty Hunter 
Chadwick Deerfoot: Over Bored
Jfon: The Patriot
Preston Perez: Wolverine 2014
Devin Doss: Thor
Mark Colineri: Captain's Curse
Blake Thompson: Crusader
Jack Mccarthy: Stone Crusher
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Great event guys can't wait for the season to start! I'm so pumped for this its unreal!


But to take care of business. I announced right before the finals that the overall winner of the event would receive the FIRST WORLD FINALS INVITATION FLAG (Which will be made soon). And that winner would also get a 10 points bonus heading into the overall season. We had 3 trophies handed out to 3 different drivers. Devin Doss won the Wheelies Trophy, Mark Colineri won the racing trophy, and Chadwick Deerfoot won the fs trophy. At the end of the night Mark Colineri won over Devin Doss in overall standings by 2 points. When this was announced Mark willingly gave up his Invitation and points and gave them to Devin Doss. Very sportsman like conduct.

But I will say I'm glad I ran this pre-season event before jumping right into the season because we had a kink we needed to work out. An extreme hole in the rulebook as pointed out to us in the aim chat after the event. We need to address a few things in a little more detail and we will do that before the season starts. Also this event was recorded for youtube which we'll have our own youtube in the upcoming days. Without further delay, here are the results.

Devin Doss-Thor: 22

Mark Colineri-Captain's Curse: 21

Preston Perez-Wolverine: 20

Blake Thompson-Crusader: 19

Dylan Bernier-Monster Energy: 19

Andrew Sheets-Ironman: 15
Daniel Simon-Monster Mutt: 14

Alex Steinhaus-Bounty Hunter: 12

Jason Fontaine-The Patriot: 6


Racing: (Set by wheelies, higher wheelie score of the eliminated got free pass loser)

Round 1
Devin Doss Def Bye
Mark Colineri Def Jason Fontaine
Preston Perez Def Chadwick Deerfoot
Blake Thompson Def Daniel Simon
Andrew Sheets Def Dylan Bernier


Round 2

Devin Doss def Dylan Bernier (FPL)

Mark Colineri def Preston Perez

Andrew Sheets def Blake Thompson


Semi Finals:

Preston Perez (FPL) def Devin Doss

Mark Colineri def Andrew Sheets



Mark Colineri def Preston Perez



Freestyle Scores:

Chadwick Deerfoot: 27

Daniel Simon: 26

Devin Doss: 24

Mark Colineri: 24

Dylan Bernier: 23

Andrew Sheets: 21

Jason Fontaine: 20

Preston Perez: 20

Blake Thompson: 19

Alex Steinhaus: 14





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