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Happy Holidays Fellow Sim-Monsters Friends!


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(Note if this topic doesn't belong here my apologies)


Wanted to wish my fellow ROR Friends, Racers, Exc a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Kwanzaa. Whatever you celebrate its a time worth celebrating. Shed the bad times in life and be joyful. As a community we may not always get along but I think we can all agree this is just a game its not about who's better or who's worse, we're all in this for fun. And I want to wish everyone a happy holidays no matter who you are. (loljk you all suck I'm the best)


Now on to the big question, what did you get for gifts? I'll have my list in the morning.



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Got some cool stuff for competing with horses.


New chaps, new hat the needs to be reshaped, New Jeans, New Belt Buckle, 200 dollars worth of gift cards to my local RC Shop, Tickets to the New Orleans Monster Jam show on the 31st, and I have access to the dirt to play my RC trucks in the SUPERDOME!!!!!! And i have a gift card to my gaming shop to test out some Gaming Wheels. Hopefully I'll get it for before the next MROR event.

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