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  1. This is sort of dead for now, sorry. I will keep this updated when it does actually happen.
  2. Click Create a prediction. "Unrealistic Upsets"
  3. So did they only include the fountain because it's Jim's anniversary? Haha, still stoked to see it back, favorite World Finals obstacle ever, even if it's built into the plateau.
  4. The age requirement thing really is meaningless now. There have been some under 13 that have been more mature than some way over 13. Welcome to the site.
  5. It's not the new truck buddy, the new chassis is a near direct clone of Rage, and the suspension geometry and wheelbase is nothing like it.
  6. Are you able to launch the game? Do you have a Rigs of Rods folder in My Documents?
  7. Welcome to the site. Make sure there is a Rigs of Rods folder in My Documents, download the v4 pack and either put it in the packs folder, or extract the files from the zip into the vehicles folder. Addon trucks from the site will additionally be put into the same directory as the v4 pack (i.e. added to the v4 pack if you leave it zipped in packs, or the files extracted into the vehicles folder just like the v4 pack). Tracks can go in packs.
  8. That's an issue with the older AMD platform for some reason. Aaron Lurie had the same issue with his FX 6300 machine. I would say maybe install another 4 gig stick of RAM, but it's more than likely going to be a recurring problem. @MJFanatic Any tips?
  9. Rims need to be resized to fit the tires;
  10. Read the guideline to posting requests before posting another.
  11. If you are going to tell others to stop double posting, then stop bypassing the swear filter.
  12. Creten - Racing Koehler - Freestyle
  13. Yeah buddy, you have a PEI there, need a Cohen.
  14. That's why you upload it to an image hosting website and paste the image address into the text window, instead of hosting pictures on the forum.