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  1. Sorry for not responding, yeah, if you didn't install through the installation directory it is somewhat tedious to get them installed through the AppData locations, so you would have to completely reinstall. Glad you got it working.
  2. You have to CTRL + A and choose scaling and rotation to object data.
  3. There's nothing wrong with having an idea. Just because some would rather give you grief about it doesn't mean you should feel embarrassed or ashamed. If you have an idea, either stand firm on it or don't bring it up in the first place. If you believe it to be a good idea, don't worry what others think, you will have people who support it and people who don't.
  4. You should have installed Blender using the installation directory, and then scripts placed in Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts
  5. I moved it already, no need to create another thread. It was just for future reference.
  6. Threads like this should be posted in either the Off Topic or Gaming sub sections of the General Section, not in Real World Racing. Please be mindful of where threads are being posted.
  7. Kozak will be making a post soon.
  8. But that does NOT mean spamming posts just to get 500.
  9. You would remove the filenames that have spec in them, but if those are the only filenames in the managedmaterials section then there is a .material file that you need to remove the spec lines from. Edit: I made you this: And here is the line of regular material file coding (replace the Replace.png texture name with whatever the texture name is in the first line of coding). { technique { pass { texture_unit { texture Replace.png } } } }
  10. You have to remove the spec maps in the .material file/the managed materials section of the .truck file.
  11. This is sort of dead for now, sorry. I will keep this updated when it does actually happen.
  12. Click Create a prediction. "Unrealistic Upsets"
  13. So did they only include the fountain because it's Jim's anniversary? Haha, still stoked to see it back, favorite World Finals obstacle ever, even if it's built into the plateau.
  14. The age requirement thing really is meaningless now. There have been some under 13 that have been more mature than some way over 13. Welcome to the site.