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  1. Probably either Meents's freestyle in 2001 or Adam Anderson's freestyle in 2008.
  2. You have to contact an administrator to have them put it in the section. The easiest would be Kozak.
  3. If someone wants to help you, they can PM you. People are arguing way too much.
  4. You put the scripts in the wrong directory then.
  5. They are scripts, you have to install them. If you haven't installed Blender using the installation directory, uninstall what you have currently and either re-install using the installer that you used before, or you use the one that Roach includes in his zip, and when you are installing, select the "Used the Installation Directory" bubble when selecting between installing to AppData or the Installation Directory. Then you take the scripts and put them in C:/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts
  7. If you are on a newer version, you need to uncheck "Arcade Controls" in the configurator.
  8. @fernBurn Made one, not sure if he released it. Maybe he can hook you up.
  9. Amazing job man. Straight into the featured content list.
  10. Sorry for not responding, yeah, if you didn't install through the installation directory it is somewhat tedious to get them installed through the AppData locations, so you would have to completely reinstall. Glad you got it working.
  11. You have to CTRL + A and choose scaling and rotation to object data.
  12. You should have installed Blender using the installation directory, and then scripts placed in Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts
  13. Kozak will be making a post soon.
  14. But that does NOT mean spamming posts just to get 500.