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  1. Can you consolidate your thoughts into just one post please? Take the main pack, extract it into the vehicles folder, and clear and regen the cache. You can drag the tracks into the packs folder and leave them there. And if you want to add an addon truck, extract it into the vehicles folder, where the v4 pack already is.
  2. If you put the pack in the vehicles folder, you need to extract it and clear and regen the cache. It's actually better to do it this way because eventually the pack will stop reading properly if you keep it zipped, the more addons you put in.
  3. I personally like it more than Heavy Hitter.
  4. Quit double posting, this post is not necessary at all. I've seen you make 3 or 4 posts in a row in other threads, it's a rule. Don't correct others on something so meaningless when you're doing wrong yourself.
  5. You have to remove the inside faces from the body. This is how I've always done it.
  6. But what's great is that he can also revamp it himself or how he likes it, regardless if someone else is making it.
  7. I knew something was missing from this thread. That's better.
  8. I've always thought the transition from stage 2 to stage 3 trucks was the best advancement for the sport in general. The trucks could be jumped higher and landed harder than they could with leaf springs. Also a lot more forgiving on the drivers.
  9. You have to remove the spec maps in the .material files and the specs in the managedmaterials lines in the .truck file. It's the only way.
  10. Let's get back on topic and chill out a bit. Constructive criticism is fine, but an entire page of people saying the same things is entirely unnecessary.
  11. That is the right one. 2.37 is for the latest 0.38's-0.4.
  12. It's the first of the year, and already a thread has been derailed. Great job guys!