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  1. Join if interested (LINKED REMOVED BY MODERATOR)
  2. Name: DeathRow Body: Old Big Kahuna Body Chassis: CRD Paint (images of color/graphics): Black And Grey Other details: This is going to be my custom truck i have wanted to have for a long time i have wanted to come to ROR for a while if someone could please make it i want it to have zoomies and i also want it to have a selectable Used Bkt and Ukraine's please also i want the shocks to be grey as well with some Red Bead locks thanks the last thing i want is for my name to be above the left window of the truck my name is Logan Wollard thanks!.
  3. Please Help me make a new truck? dm me if you would build a truck for me
  4. Hello i would like a someone to please build me a truck so my idea of the truck is called Cancer Crusher This truck will be ran on a race source chassis and the old big kahuna body i would like the colors to be black with pink and white kind of stripes with a cancer awareness flag in the back please dm me if you could build thanks you so much
  5. Please Help me make a new truck? dm me if you would build a truck for me
    This is an awesome pack all the trucks perform amazing cant wait to see more!
    Awesome truck works great accept of the body of the truck shakes for some reason but other then that awesome.
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