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    Hello everyone hope what=ever day it is for you, your having a good day. This is my first Replica-Custom truck I have made and am releasing I am always up for any criticism about the truck please text in dm's you can find it at Lunacheese65#2454. Huge thanks to @stimson122 for letting this truck be released and everything in between. Again this is my first truck and I understand there might be a couple things wrong but overall enjoy and I hope you have fun with it!. Also if I missed anyone in the credits please let me know and I will fix it thanks!.
  2. Name (First and last): Logan Wollard Truck: Death Row Discord: Lunacheese65#2454 Theme song: Link to truck: Private ( I'll send link)
  3. Name: Logan Wollard Truck: Death Row Discord: Lunacheese65#2454 Download Link: TBA Theme: https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/3PDgtBkVTS Year Debuted: 2018 Body Type: Ford F350 Hometown: Springfield, MO
  4. Version 2.0.0


    NOT A OPEN CUSTOM! Thanks to @Broken-machine92for making this beautiful truck i thank him a lot hes a wonderful teammate. but anyway thanks for the truck but anyway enjoy anyway!.
  5. Name: Logan Wollard Discord: 𝕃𝕦𝕟𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕖𝕤𝕖𝟞𝟝#2454 Truck: Death Row Download Link: TBA Freestyle theme:
  6. Join if interested (LINKED REMOVED BY MODERATOR)
  7. Name: DeathRow Body: Old Big Kahuna Body Chassis: CRD Paint (images of color/graphics): Black And Grey Other details: This is going to be my custom truck i have wanted to have for a long time i have wanted to come to ROR for a while if someone could please make it i want it to have zoomies and i also want it to have a selectable Used Bkt and Ukraine's please also i want the shocks to be grey as well with some Red Bead locks thanks the last thing i want is for my name to be above the left window of the truck my name is Logan Wollard thanks!.
  8. Please Help me make a new truck? dm me if you would build a truck for me
  9. Hello i would like a someone to please build me a truck so my idea of the truck is called Cancer Crusher This truck will be ran on a race source chassis and the old big kahuna body i would like the colors to be black with pink and white kind of stripes with a cancer awareness flag in the back please dm me if you could build thanks you so much
  10. Please Help me make a new truck? dm me if you would build a truck for me
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