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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    OMG I need that jk max d looks epic
  2. USA Bigfoot

    Is the truck standalone?
  3. [TRUCK] Tornado Jockey Revamped

    Name: Tornado Jockey Revamped Body: Fiberwerx Ford Body Chassis: CRD Paint: same on the old one that Jon cannon made Other detail: same truck but updated props
  4. Question?

    does anyone have CCShocks16.mesh and CCShocks16.material and CCShocks16.PNG?
  5. Question?

    do anyone still have Air Force Afterburner 2011 file I really want it so bad please
  6. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    having fun
  7. [TRACK] Concord, NC

    Name: Monster Truck Challenge Venue: Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway Racing style: Over-under style Replica or custom: Replica Date ran: August 13, 2011 Images/Graphics: All of these images are form AllMonster.com
  8. Name: Monster Jam Indianapolis FS1 Championship Series 2016 Venue: Lucas Oil Stadium Racing Style: Jersey Style Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: January 30 2016 Images/Graphics:
  9. Gravedigger XX

  10. Zombie

  11. Show Your Diggers Chapter 43

    Max D gold i didnt look
  12. [TRACK] Indianapolis IN 2009

    Name: Indianapolis IN 2009 Venue: Lucas oil stadium racing style: Chicago style Replica or custom: Replica Date ran: January 24 2009 Image This is the only image i can find. if someone could make it that will be great thank you.
  13. V4 CustomMonster Patrol 2014

    hey when i tried to load this truck my ROR stops working any help?
  14. [TRACK] Dallas TX

    Name: Dallas TX Monster Jam Venue: Cowboy Stadium Racing Style: Chicago Style Replica or custom: Replica Date ran: February 27 2010 Images/Graphics Other details: The camper sit at the bottom of the big air jump like this \/ If someone can make it that will be great thinks.
  15. V4 ReplicaAirForce Afterburner Revamped

    File Name: AirForce Afterburner File Submitter: trentsll12349551 File Submitted: 16 Sep 2014 File Category: V4 Replica just change the tires and put the flags on this truck hope you enjoy it credits: SMV4 makers Click here to download this file