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  1. Kinda want to say thats the first time ive ever seen the wire frame in the design..incredible, as always!
  2. Hey guys, I didnt see a thread for Beam-Ng alone, So i figured id make one. I just built this PC so im running test on a bunch of games right now with Beam being one of them. Here are a few, with plenty more to come. the 'Pulling truck' is a custom config of the gavril truck, really hope we can get some new mods going that run with truck/tractor pulling because i think thats one thing that RoR/Beam lack, i believe it would be epic and im learning so we'll see how it goes. While on the videos, feel free to subscribe, I lost the old Azztuu channel completley, so here we are at V.3 lol.
  3. To me, this seems like a screen tearing issue. turn on Vsync and see if it fixes anything. myself had a framerate of 220, but my monitor/tv couldnt handle it.
  4. BeamNG Is an early access game, meaning its not completed yet, that being said multiplayer is still to come, as they are still updating about every month or so with new things. as far as a pc running it, most computers have more than enough CPU power to run it, and if your are over 16, or exactly 16, you can work to buy a cheap GPU like a GT 740 that can run BeamNG no problem at medium settings at 1080p. AMD FX 8320E 3.9 ghz. gt 740 = 70 fps at medium settings.
  5. I call for a Tom Meents Model standing in the grass with glasses on.
  6. Make sure the faces are are on the outside. Blender will make you think they are correct but they actually are wrong. looks good so far!
  7. Not sure if its really an AMD problem..Im using a AMD Phenom ii X2 965, 8 gigs of ram, GT 710 GPU, I dont have lag at all with any version of RoR. If your game is staying at 60 Fps, Turn off Vsync in the Nvidia control panel, as well as in the ROR config. I had a problem with it staying at 60 fps, turned it off, and now im in the 200's at all times. This can actually help with a lot of games. CS:GO Vsync: 30 Fps. No Vsync: 174 Fps. RoR Vsync: 60 Fps. No Vsync: 200+ Fps. Gta IV Vsync: 16 Fps No Vsync: 42 Fps Remember, This is my setup, yours may be different, and it could honestly come down to anything. I would recommend looking around on Toms Hardware, You can fix anything if you read through enough forums.
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