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  1. If I had the body i'd give it a shot... I've always liked those trucks as well...
  2. If you honestly wanna know... I'd start by making a few trucks... Easier to learn all the tools that way and easier to get a hold on blender.. Just from me
  3. http://imgur.com/O81QAKx http://imgur.com/5rXaLP5 My SMRA ride is done for the most part... Probably my best truck to date. All that's really left to do is experiment, and try to make some sponsor plates, or find someone who has some for a race source chassis...
  4. This thread might have something in it but I doubt it... Anyways there are textures in it so I figured it would help out.
  5. Now there is a Hotline, a Hotline to Miami
  6. I use corelDRAW X6... I wouldn't suggest it for ror paintings considering gimp or paint . net will do just fine. I also have a majority of vector graphics, hence why i have a vector editing software... If you find yourself using vectors inkscape is free and will let you do what you want to them.
  7. I like to racecar...
  8. http://imgur.com/w5cQsed Still trying to come up with something as far as painting goes. I think this'll be my SMRA ride..
  9. I would trace the graphics on the truck right where you have them... It looks like you just cropped it from a picture.. Do the same as well for logos, or ask around and see if anyone has them...
  10. Wrong thread... Might wanna post in the Help section of the forum...
  11. I was kinda thinking the same thing but at the same time there's not a truck there for reference so they may be the right height...
  12. TBH if I had to choose between the two i'd go with red... But if I were to add another color it would be the original green hex code from the truck it self...
  13. hey at leaset he finally asked!!!!
  14. If you do that I always use the same chassis .truck file to make a .truck file with. Like a crd chassis i use a truck file that has had a crd chassis. Idk if it does anything but i'm kinda a neat freak
  15. Hey man whats the best way to get ahold of you??? It won't let me pm you and I don't want to spam the forums