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  1. Making body look smooth

    and just as an fyi fern is working on a megalodon
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Have to do firewalls and windshield and then Gun Slinger number 1 is done.. Should be able to just repaint the body for the other 2 versions and then either find someone to paint the 2013-present version of it or spend months doing it
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    I am the same way, but I feel like it relies on having a stout logo to bring the attention to it.
  4. Body Samples/Bakes Thread

    Anyone have the f150 bake used for Tom P's bigfoot pack??
  5. Body Bake

    I have a body i am trying to bake but can't get the lines to fit inside the rectangle??? http://imgur.com/21vSGTe
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Thank you, never knew that so i'll change it now
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    This is going to take a while... Planning on making a pack from 2007-present, but can't seem to find a 2002 f150 body. This is the "pre politics" version of the truck, and am till debating whether or not i'm going to make a "slinger" version of the truck.
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    I made the paint for the long jump truck on my desktop if ya want it.. If so it'll take me a while to get it
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    In that case it's probably just not a hi res pc, I didn't watch the video
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    Chances are, it either ripped from a photo of the truck, or it was ripped from the ror version that fern did and was downsized to a 1024x1024 template instead of 2048x2048
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    If I had the body i'd give it a shot... I've always liked those trucks as well...
  13. Wanting to Make Content

    If you honestly wanna know... I'd start by making a few trucks... Easier to learn all the tools that way and easier to get a hold on blender.. Just from me
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    http://imgur.com/O81QAKx http://imgur.com/5rXaLP5 My SMRA ride is done for the most part... Probably my best truck to date. All that's really left to do is experiment, and try to make some sponsor plates, or find someone who has some for a race source chassis...
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    This thread might have something in it but I doubt it... Anyways there are textures in it so I figured it would help out.