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  1. For someone who doesn't post any "usable" content you sure do talk a lot...
  2. Giving you "props" will do less than what they're giving you right now... If you know it looks terribly god awful that should give you more "drive" as i should say to make it the absolute best of your abilities and to learn and not release it as soon as its finished. It should make you finish a project but not release it considering you want to learn more about what certain things do to a truck to make it look better. I haven't released anything in forever but I've got 3 completed trucks in my folders that i just keep updating with new stuff I learn, and they probably won't be released until i figure a few more things out to make them look as good as I can make them look. Now on the body skinning part, you just have to be open to anything. Start painting without an idea of what you want your finished project to look, and try to impress yourself.
  3. Same here man
  4. http://imgur.com/qSjCFGW
  5. I'm in the mood for painting tonight so something to come in an hour or so...
  6. I was just going to use the Northern Nightmare chassis
  7. Which rims fit the BKT tires the best???
  8. The hex code bf5437 oughtta be pretty close
  9. Updates! New tie rods,tires,rims,axels,brake rotor... But still cant figure out why the shocks won't texture?? http://imgur.com/ichawoZ
  10. Not really, was just planning on leaving it at that and calling it "Escalade Custom" in the .truck file
  11. Just gonna drop my ugly stuff here...
  12. I could do it but i'm pretty quiet atm... I've got a whole new design software to learn in a month so i can go to work...
  13. You can just hit tab and select the nodes for 1 pole and then hit P and then selected then delete everything else
  14. Got bored and have no idea why exactly i'm doing this butttttt http://imgur.com/xEQ0lFM
  15. 100% A one hit wonder