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  1. Brocamino: MTRA, Bounty Hunter: EMTC, Grave Digger: FRA, Big Kahuna: HSL, Tidal Wave: FBS and PlayerFour's Tour
  2. Full Name: Bryant Steggall Truck (and variation if necessary): Ragin Steel 2004 Hometown: Richmond, Virginia Discord Name: Wave#1872 Years in Competition: 2
  3. Name: Bryant Steggall Discord: Wave#1872 Truck: Tidal Wave Download Link: Song:
  4. Version 1.0.1


    After a long time coming, my first custom is finally finished. Huge thanks to @Karnage Gaming taking the time to sit down and help me make this a reality. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM!!!!!! Credits: Me: Paint Kyle: Built the truck, repainted/cloned props such as swaybars, shocks, driveshaft cage, and rims Nathan H: Original shock models Fern: Radiator/cooler Andrew/Fern: Motor/fuel cell Starks: Driversuit paint Andrew: Body Outlaw/Nathan: Chassis Chuckie: Node beam Sim Community: Anything not mentioned
  5. Bryant Steggall Grave Digger 27 (Chrome) Wave #1872
  6. Alright I'll change it in the description. I had no idea who actually modeled them so I relied on Nathan's credit section and hoped his was correct
  7. Version 1.0.3


    This is @ChaoticMayhem's 2019 Jester, repainted to replicate the blue Jester Matt Pagliarulo unveiled at World Finals XX! It should be 100% standalone. Credit: Me - Cloning, paint Taylor - Jester Face Nathan H - Providing/making the original 2019 truck (chassis, beadlocks, RII bars, motified gen 3 BKT tires, etc) @Andrew - Original Gen 3 BKT's @Mark Colineri - Shocks Sim Community - Everything else
  8. Richmond, VA (Richmond Coliseum) - 2011 Richmond, VA (Richmond Coliseum) - 2012 Charlottesville, VA (John Paul Jones Arena) - 2012 Richmond, VA (Richmond Coliseum) - 2013 Richmond, VA (Richmond Coliseum) - 2018 Hagerstown, MD (Hagerstown Speedway) - 2018 Hampton, VA (Hampton Coliseum) - 2019 Philidelphia, PA (Lincoln Financial Field) - 2019 Virginia Beach, VA (Monsters on the Beach) - 2019 (INDIE) Hagerstown, MD (Hagerstown Speedway) - 2019
  9. Awesome! do you have a discord or something?
  10. I must have overlooked some of the detail when looking at reference pictures, so thank you for pointing it out! And yes, I think close up reference pics will be extremely useful -> Wave#1872
  11. Alrighty so normally I don't really post here, but I feel I need to share this for a good reason (sorry if you've already seen it). I need opinions on how to make Dragon's paint better. It's good, but I'm definetely looking to improve it. Thinking perhaps the dragon's skin texture needs the most help. Does anyone have good ways to improve it? I'm open to all suggestions, and will consider/try all of them! ******(side note: I only take credit for the paint)
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