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  1. No I use
  2. I use windowed mode and still doesn't work
  3. Hello members of sim-monsters today I got a new laptop and I am having problems with Rigs of Rods, when I open it my mouse wont move and is not on screen, if you know of this problem and have found out a way to fix it please let me know Thank you.
  4. Vertigo reminds me of Sampson a little
  5. Jared used a Cohen in Glendale I'm pretty sure
  6. Jared's Max-D is on the wrong chassis, its a cohen not a crd but still looks pretty cool!
  7. name: Torrin Thorp aim; truck: king krunch 2016
    pretty good but needs more ramps
  8. when i saw dalmation in providence and then when i saw monster mut from a video to me they looked the same
  9. there is minor differences between the 2 bodies though you could say the "smile" on the truck on rotty is different from monster mutt
  10. body: custom chassis: CRD tires: BKT tires
  11. i would like to see snakebite 2k16 on ror
    it works for me nick you might downloaded it wrong but if it doesnt work i dont know what to tell you but good job joey for making it for .4.
    pretty good the van stack is pretty rough but i like it