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  1. supercharge71

    Backflips on containers

    I like to let the front tires roll up the container a bit then punch it! Make sure the truck is in first gear too, that helps a ton.
  2. So, I am working on a realism soundpack and I extracted a few sounds from some videos, my question is how can I deepen the final sounds in rigs of rods? What I mean is that the sounds have a gain applied to them when rendered in game and so they sound higher pitched than normal. Is there a way that I can counter that gain and make it sound closer to the video instead of a nascar engine lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Could someone possibly put the sled up on here?
  4. supercharge71

    Lag over cars at some tracks?

    I'm using .37, so yeah im pretty sure thats the reason. Too lazy to move to 0.4 and my league runs .37 so I guess I just have to deal with it. Thanks for the reply MJFanatic.
  5. supercharge71

    What if I want to join a league?

    Check out RORFS, we've got our season 4 coming up soon and sign ups are open!
  6. supercharge71

    Lag over cars at some tracks?

    I get lag over cars on some tracks not all, its a small hiccup. I don't know why but its like the frames dip below 30fps while everywhere else gets 60fps. My pc specs are: CPU: AMD Fx-8350, GPU: GTX 580 1.4GB, RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB. I can more than handle Rigs of Rods maxed out but I need to know what to turn down specifically to fix the hiccup I am having and keep everything smooth, or at least be told the reason behind it. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. supercharge71

    New Orleans, LA 1986 (January) ("Return of the Monster Trucks")

    I fixed it, running it in Opengl helped.
  8. supercharge71

    New Orleans, LA 1986 (January) ("Return of the Monster Trucks")

    Perfect map guys! Really love the content, I just cant seem to understand why these crush cars give me such a big problem. Every time I go to drive over one the game crashes with no error report. It just packs up its bags and leaves XD. But yeah if you guys have any insight into how to fix my issue please help.
  9. supercharge71

    Sign Ups for Season #4

    Name: Ryan Conner Truck: King Krunch 2016 v2 (Ill be using the 2001 body mostly, may use the old school body at WF) Download for truck: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j7bjkw7wc59za7h/KingKrunch2016FIXEDv2.zip TeamSpeak: Supercharge
  10. Alrighty! Good luck, I hope you can get it running smoothly. If you have any questions ill be on all night.
  11. I recommend getting Winrar http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm, look for the download at the top. It will allow you to open up the downloads and get all the individual texture files etc. so that you can click and drag them into the packs or vehicles folder. Thats how I do mine and it works perfectly for me.
  12. Make sure you have all your v4 files in either the packs folder or the vehicles folder. You extracted the files into the folder with Winrar correct?
  13. Hi 25Gravedig! Welcome to our wonderful site know as sim monsters, glad you could join us. Ill try my best to help you out with whats going on with your RoR. Hmm that sounds like the added trucks are crashing the game, are you dropping them all the files in at once mixed into the v4?
  14. supercharge71

    Virginia Giant #1

    FIXED IT, it was just the track I was on.
  15. supercharge71

    Virginia Giant #1

    Crashes my game for some reason, I put it in its own folder and it gave me a chrome rim mesh error so I took it out and it just crashed the game all together now.