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  1. Grave Digger 27 2013

  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 45

    The right headlight should be out.
  3. iRacing

    Noah Chiasson
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 38

    Such sexy Really nice looking trucks!
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 38

    Sweet looking truck, but different rims and a front clip with headlights and a grill would look awesome!
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    I think he's going for just more of a custom mixing the old with the new...
  7. Sim-Monsters Deluxe Towing Service

    I want the Dinosaur thing on the side of the truck then I will join.
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Nice, but it would be better if the reversed paint problem was fixed. There is a tutorial.
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Yeaa I know... I posted Raminator as a joke, but then figured people would think I was serious so I added Rammunition and Razin Kane. omg Zach
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Raminator Rammunition Razin Kane
  11. World Finals XVI Discussion

    I hope they go back to the way they used to set up the tracks where the drivers actually get a run up to the jumps. Imagine how big they would go if they brought the big triple back from WF9!
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    There is a tutorial for the fiberglass in the tutorial section.
  13. Hey Guys new here!

    1. Start a fun-run topic in the fun-run thread. 2. On RoR .37, no. On RoR .38, yes. 3. AIM
  14. Atlanta 2014

  15. Rigs Of Rods: Monster Outlaws

    The person being challenged has to accept the challenge? So, according to my understanding, if they don't accept the challenge then they automatically lose their spot. Jim has the ability to call out Jerry for his spot, and Jerry has 1 week to either accept this challenge or lose his spot. What if the person being challenged wins? Do both drivers keep their spots? Of course, as stated previously, if the challenger were to win this challenge (being if Jim were to defeat Jerry), the challenger takes that person’s previous spot (Jim takes Jerry’s spot) and the person who was challenged will drop down a spot (Jerry takes Jim’s old spot). And what if Timmy wants challenge Jim for the #6 spot on the list at the same time Jim wants to challenge Jerry for #5? Will it depend on who challenged who first? Say Jim challenged Jerry first, but Timmy wants to challenge Jim for #5. Jim beats Jerry because they challenged first and now Jerry's #5. Timmy races Jerry right? So Jerry could drop two spots on The List? For example, Jim is ranked as number 6 on the list, and wants to try and take Jerry’s number 5 spot. Jim has the ability to call out Jerry for his spot, and Jerry has 1 week to either accept this challenge or lose his spot. Jim is not able to challenge anyone else, only Jerry since he is directly above him ranking wise. Sorry this is so long.
  16. Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    Those tires Those rims Those shocks THOSE PIPES However, I have to be the first one to point out a flaw. I know you still have work to do and this is an easy fix, but the chassis sticks out through the front bumper.
  17. Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    Keep em' coming!!! These are awesome!
  18. Big Dummy

    I've never watched a movie more times in a row, than this.
  19. Toronto 2014

  20. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2014

    ... They obviously fixed it since, but it's a reoccurring problem that needs to be dealt with more in depth.
  21. Houston 2014

  22. Who's your favorite Youtuber Thread

    THE CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Need everyone's opinion!

    Not with that type of FPS. I'm only kidding, but it is really bad though. Also, you do know that there is free screen recording software's available.
  24. Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    That repainted Deja Vu II tho Still a cool paint.
  25. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    What is that truck in the right lane?