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  1. sprint23jr

    Blue Thunder 2018 Custom

    Looks really cool @PaukenDigger, I do get that its a tribute toward Dalton but I also feel like Tony Farrell should be on there as well since they both passed away in freak accidents. I mean, no disrespect to Dalton but he wasn't the one and only Blue Thunder driver, that were others like Tony Farrell and Lyle Hanrooster. And I am one of those people that think it should be on a Ford but I do like the change up of putting it on a Chevy. But other than that, awesome looking truck.
  2. sprint23jr

    Got a Question about SMRA? Ask Here!

    Will drivers and trucks be assigned to a specific tour (east or west) or will drivers be able to make tour stops anywhere they want?
  3. sprint23jr

    [TRUCK] Dr. Demolition (Custom)

    Name: Dr. Demolition Body: V4.5 F-150 Chassis: CRD Paint: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=891326814270480&set=gm.1056542407724314&type=3&theater Other Details: As far as the hood, roof, and tailgate, for whoever makes it,I'm going to allow you to decide what to put on the hood, tailgate, and roof. I would like for it to have BKT tires and the roll cage to be black instead of yellow and the shocks to be red. I would like for the rims to be black with red beadlocks. I would like for the exhausts to be like the ones that most trucks use nowadays like the Madusa. Also if it can be done i would like for the 2016 Monster Jam logo to be added to it if possible. I would appreciate it if anyone can make it for me.
  4. sprint23jr

    [TRUCK] War Machine 2015

    Name: War Machine Body: Western Renegade Hummer Body Chassis: CRD Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: If possible, add BKT tires and a push bar on the front with KC lights on the front (2 on front) and roof (4 on roof)
  5. sprint23jr

    [TRUCK] WCW Nitro Machine

  6. sprint23jr

    [TRUCK] WCW Nitro Machine

    Name: WCW Nitro Machine Body: 1997 Chevy Van Chassis: GD 3 chassis Paint (images of color/graphics): http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/nitro.htm Other details: I can't think of anything else for it. Just keep it like the original truck.
  7. sprint23jr

    [TRUCK] Titan 2015

    Ok thanks, I forgot that I saw it on there before.
  8. sprint23jr

    [TRUCK] Titan 2015

    Name: Titan Body: 1971 Chevy C10 (I might be wrong on the year) Chassis: PEI Paint (images of color/graphics):https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t31.0-8/c0.150.851.315/p851x315/1973696_769603403115301_7420894722566003069_o.jpg Other details: That is the best pic I can find
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  10. sprint23jr


    Name: NWO Body: Chevy Truck (don't know exactly what year) Chassis: Wilman Paint (images of color/graphics): http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/nwo.htm Other details: Add the chrome rims from World Finals 1 if possible
  11. Corey New sprint23jr@twc.com Nasty Boy Rookie
  12. sprint23jr

    Show Your Projects Chapter 39

    that looks awesome
  13. Name: Grave Digger The Legend Body: 1951 Ford Truck Chassis: Legend Chassis (Dont know what the chassis name is exactly) Paint (images of color/graphics): http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/gdpck.htm Other details: Make rims yellow, have the same chassis of the legend, add "The Legend" under the Grave Digger name, and instead of putting Dennis under the window put Adam
  14. sprint23jr

    [TRUCK] War Machine (Custom)

    Name: War Machine Body: Military Hummer H1 Chassis: CRD Paint (images of color/graphics): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=617176805018817&set=pb.100001795095232.-2207520000.1423960809.&type=3&theater Other details: If possible, on the body can there be bullet holes added through out the A10 Warthog metal, not add the sponsors on the side of the truck, and add a pushbar on the front and KC light on top of the pushbar and roof.
  15. sprint23jr

    [TRUCK] Dragon

    i seen it on the show your projects a while ago and i didnt know if you were still making it....sorry just asking if dragon was being made/requesting if it wasnt