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    most straight truck on sm
  1. it is a how to how can that not help you
  2. meshes are in there put thanks sherlock
  3. when i try to spawn my truck neither the tires or rims show up i need to spawn two trucks before hand for it to show up is there someway to get rid of this?
  4. truck is already being made rn by swegliner so you can probalby close this thread correct me if i am wrong
  5. David65

    Big Sweed 2.0 2018

    sometimes u need to spawn in another truck before u spawn in this
  6. Version 2.0.0


    Updated version of big sweed with a new body shock setup etc will run his on tours as my own custom Originally gd legend so credit to everyone that made that truck and carkiller458 for the paint works for both .4 and .3
  7. David65

    mror stockholm

    thank you the long search is over
  8. David65

    mror stockholm

    Hello there i have been searching for mror stockholm for about a year now noone has it so no i am asking all of the community if you know someone or if you have it yourself i really want this track because i self live in sweden so would be cool to have it if i posted this wrong the moderators can kindly help me to the right place wkr Sweed
  9. Name: David KarlssonTruck: soldier fortune Link: Discord Name: Davai#1690
  10. i dont driver big sweed i was wrong with the truck because i dident know at the time im am driving a truck that is in a pack that releases soon carkiller458 will release it soon
  11. put me on saturdays pleas
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