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  1. Music thread

  2. Carolina Crusher II Retro

    much approve, had it early but still like it.
  3. STS Pre-Season Event #3: 3/31/18 (Sign-ups Closed!)

    Fred Kettell Over Bored cp2013 #2079
  4. World Finals XIX Discussion

    already did.
  5. World Finals XIX Discussion

    well then... they all failed
  6. World Finals XIX Discussion

    that blackout max-d tho
  7. World Finals XIX Discussion

  8. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I keep losing my live feeds idk if anyone out there has a link to a working one but put it out there for us to find!!
  9. World Finals XIX Discussion

    that was colton @NtheDiggerfan oof everything was screwed up here.
  10. World Finals XIX Discussion

    so the thing with that color when you black and white a picture (like they did) they will go to their closest grey, black or white, purple is much to dark to come close to the grey color with the body on the left (the new one) a silver, yellow and light shade of gold match the best. after my bit of testing the yellowish gold I came out with was really close (hex code: AF9200).
  11. STS Pre-Season Event #2: 3/9/18 (Sign-ups Closed)

    Fred Kettell Snakebite Cp2013 #2079
  12. Zombie 2018

    PEI stands for "Patrick Enterprises Inc." the same owner who originally built Sampson in 1997. they have a website and everything.
  13. World Finals XIX Discussion

    there's a real issue with your prediction list, dishman would be the fastest on your list because he's won two racing events, Kayla is a relatively slow driver and that's why she's on a TT tour not a big stadium tour. you don't have Eric Swanson on here who almost won it last year.
  14. World Finals XIX Discussion

    now that we're doing the DDS predictions: Rammunition - Mat Dishman Over Bored - Jamey Garner Stinger Unleashed - Zane Rettew Obsessed - Eric Swanson Pirate's Curse - Cory Rummel Jester - Matt Pagliarulo El Toro Loco - Mark List El Toro Loco - Armando Castro Grave Digger - Krysten Anderson grave Digger - Brandon Vinson Megalodon - Trent Montgomery Xtermagator - J.R McNeal Blue Thunder - Matt Cody Max-D - Jared Eichelberger Zombie - Ami Houde Wonder Woman - Collette Davis Winner: Eric Swanson - Obsessed or Corey Rummel - Pirate's Curse I put a decent amount of Indie trucks on here, they deserve the spots over some of the mediocre Feld drivers even though some of the spots will most likely get taken by Feld drivers and make the field just a bit slower overall. I though Rummel or Swanson were the best choices because of how well they do in racing (especially Swanson considering he nearly won it last year).
  15. World Finals XIX Discussion

    I think they try and push a el toro driver into mutt, it would be weird to see Chuck in a Mutt and Becky has earned her spot as a El toro driver, I think Armando could make a real good push for the mutt spot. another driver I think could take the mutt would be Blackwell, he's a good driver that would fill that spot very nicely and drives quite similarly to Pauken. my few choices for the DDS: Mat Dishman (he's gotten some racing wins it'd surprise me if they put him in the main show) Jamey Garner ( very consistent this season and with how well Cole has done I don't see why they wouldn't try and get him to vegas) Zane Rettew ( his new truck has pushed him to a new level and I like where he's going) Matt Cody ( he's been consistent and deserves a spot)