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  1. monsterjamfan344

    STS Sign-Ups (Open 6/6/18 @ 9:00 P.M. EST)

    Name: Torrin Thorp Truck: Northern Nightmare 2k17 Link:
  2. monsterjamfan344

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (OPEN NOW)

    name: Torrin Thorp Truck: High Octane Link: Discord: Torrin The Shibe#2733
  3. monsterjamfan344

    STS Pre-Season Event #4: 5/19/18

    name: Torrin Thorp truck: Whiplash link: Discord: Torrin T#2733
  4. monsterjamfan344

    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    1. Metallica 2. Trivium 3. Green Day 4. SlipKnot 5. 5FDP (5 Finger Death Punch) 6. Rest, Repose 7. Discrepancies 8. Avenged Sevenfold 9. AC/DC 10. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. monsterjamfan344

    STS Pre-Season Event #3: 3/31/18 (Sign-ups Closed!)

    Torrin Thorp storm damage 2016
  6. monsterjamfan344

    New Orleans 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    the track works for me i'm using .46 and it works fine great track too!!
  7. monsterjamfan344

    STS Pre-Season Event #1: 2/9/18 (Sign-ups Closed)

    Torrin Thorp Time Flys 2016 Link:
  8. monsterjamfan344

    Alien Invasion 2016-2017

    A lot of missing textures for me but I'm still happy to see this truck on sim monsters. I love it!!!
  9. monsterjamfan344

    Stinger/Master of Disaster 2017

    yes it does
  10. monsterjamfan344

    Monster Mutt 2017

    a lot of missing texture for me but still pretty cool
  11. monsterjamfan344

    Metallica Monster Truck

    I agree, Metallica is one of the best bands I've ever heard and I'm happy to see this truck on sim monsters
  12. monsterjamfan344

    Hooked Pick Up 2017 Fixed

    Dude, I only have one thing to say I dont like it, I love it!!!!!!!!!
  13. monsterjamfan344

    [TRACK] Providence, RI Dunkin Donuts Center 2014

    its was 2006 when i went to my first monster jam there the memories
  14. monsterjamfan344

    [TRACK] Providence, RI Dunkin Donuts Center 2014

    I went to this show
  15. monsterjamfan344

    Please help

    No I use