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  1. I n33d a Truck so is there any Open smra trucks I can use? also wheres the sign up page??
  2. Track doesn't work, terrn2 doesn't work, tried to fix it but didn't work
  3. Lordly 61

    Gaithersburg 2018

    Plz make Joliet 2018, I went to it this year, the event was amazing, the track is too (if you need a track look on my YT) also its St.louis style for Joliet
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Edy - Modeling, texturing, importing models Klayton - Citrus bowl textures & mode, various textures Hot Shoe - Crowd Texture Mark & Slick - Cars, Van Malibu350 - Boat Trevor (Lordly61)- Conversion If forgot someone, i am sorry
  5. I kinda get why he could since he drove on FS1 East but he if they do put him in willman we will have to get use to it again
  6. Why would Colton run a front engine truck in arenas....
  7. Nice Idea Joey, I like this idea even tho im probably not gonna be in it, but again, nice idea
  8. Is there anybody working on a Megalodon? Since it would be cool to have it on ror
  9. just trying to help man
  10. Lordly61 (Trevor) Discord:Lordly61#9357 truck: Taurus Link:
  11. Trevor M JDM Conecpt Lordly61#9357 Chicago, IL http://www.mediafire.com/file/dlmauue2a53ifat/MotorsportsPack1.zip
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