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Joey 🅱️

STS Pre-Season Event #3: 3/31/18 (Sign-ups Closed!)

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Event points:

Gajewski: 10+6=16

Jon: 7+9=16

Matthew: 9+8=17

Joey: 5+0=5

Joshwa: 7+10=17+10=27

Brandon: 5+4=9

Max: 5+0=5

Blake: 5+7=12

Me: 3+5+5=13

Brandin: 3+3.5+0=6.5

Fred: 3+3+2=8

Keith: 3+0+0=3

Bryant: 3+4.5+3=10.5

Torrin: 3+4+1=8

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Great event at East Rutherford 2017! Josh Gajewski got the racing win against Matthew Tyrell, and Joshwa Tavarez came out in freestyle with an epic run in Mad Scientist, taking the win with a score of 27! Jon Zimmer Jr came in 2nd, and Matthew Tyrell with an amazing 3rd! And for the first 2-Wheel Skills challenge in the league, Brad Kerlin came out with a score of 18, with Bryant Steggall coming in 2nd, and Torrin Thorp with a third place finish! Hope to see you competing in the fourth and final pre-season stop in May: Meents Jam!!

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