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Week 3 - (3/8/13) - ISU Holt Arena - Pocatello, ID

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Track Link (To be up later this week)


Event Director: Michael DesRoches

Officials: TBD



** 1 Show Event **




CFMTS moves onto it's 3rd week of the season, CFMTS had 3 great events in Mount Pleasant, Gaithersburg, and Springfield. After two weeks, Jim Creten in the Bounty Hunter leads the Overall, Racing, & Freestyle points leads right now. Team Scream Racing is tied with Creten's team in the Team Standings, and the Razin Kane team is leading the Qualifying/Wheelie Contest points. As Week 3 rolls on, we move onto the ISU Holt Arena in Pocatello, ID with a unique U-turn style course, starting out jumping over a bus. It is bound to be a great event and you will not want to miss it! It all starts on Friday, March 8th!


Featuring 8 CFMTS monster trucks including: Excaliber, Stone Crusher, Monster Magic, Aftershock, Krazy Train, Mountaineer, XXX, Bad News Travels Fast


Introduction Rules:

- Introductions will be done in Teamspeak & AIM Chat. Trucks will be announced individually.


Racing Rules:

- Course: U-turn style course

- +5 for 1-tiring ramps.
- No penalty for hitting any of the cars unless you cut them in which it is is a DNF.
- Missing a ramp will result in a DNF.
- RII for wall hits, hitting other trucks, erratic driving.


Freestyle Rules:

- 90 second freestyles.

- Realistic freestyles, RII will be used for wall hits, hitting into other trucks that are parked, unrealistic moves will also be given an RII.

- 3 judges, 1-10 scoring system.

- Tiebreakers will be decided by an officials vote.


General Rules:

- Shut off your truck after every pass on the course please.

- Please get on Teamspeak 3 for the event, event director will give out the IP for you to get on.

- This is a 1 show event.

- This event is replacing Springfield, IL. All trucks previously booked in Springfield will be in Pocatello.


CFMTS Schedule of Events:


8:00 PM EST - Pit Party / Chat Start

8:20 PM EST - Drivers Meeting / Field Locks-In

8:30 PM EST - Qualifying

9:00 PM EST - Racing

9:30 PM EST - Intermission

9:45 PM EST - Freestyle

10:30 PM EST - End of Show

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I've been there. It is TINY!


Not really, unless your talking about the 2 inch hallways and the overall crappiness of the arena. lol


wait we have pocatello for ROR?


There will be, yes.

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i should be ready for this week event hopefully i wont have major lagg spikes like i did last week as it was unbearable for me and i could really do nothing.

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Need to know who is running or not.

Excaliber - ?

Stone Crusher - RUNNING

Monster Magic - RUNNING

Aftershock - RUNNING

Krazy Train - RUNNING

Mountaineer - RUNNING


Bad News Travels Fast - RUNNING

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is there any way I can be a couple minutes late for the chat? Because I have some things to do and I MIGHT be a couple minutes late. But I will most likely be able to make the chat before 8:15 when the Driver's meeting starts. 

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