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About This File

This is a replica of the Stomper 1 monster truck, as driven by Gayle Mefford & Mike Whitt in the 1987 & 1988 TNT Motorsports Monster Truck Challenge series. This zip also contains a version with the Micro Machines paint scheme, which the truck ran for a short period of time in 1990.


-This is a standalone add-on. It does not need to be extracted into the V4 pack to work.

-This truck is compatible with both Rigs of Rods 0.37 and 0.38.

-The pulling hitch on the back of the truck is fully functional. To use the pulling hitch, drag the hook on the pulling sled chain to the hitch, and press "L" to lock the hook to the hitch. When finished pulling, press "L" again to unlock the hitch.


Body - DiggerFan

Frame - DiggerFan

Engine - SealedGecko

Headers - DiggerFan

Transmission - DiggerFan

Transfer Case - DiggerFan

Axles - DiggerFan

Shocks - DiggerFan

Bumpers - DiggerFan

Rims - V4 Pack, modified by DiggerFan

Tires - SealedGecko, modified by DiggerFan

Driveshafts - DiggerFan

Seats - DiggerFan

Traction Bars - DiggerFan

Steering Knuckles - V4 Pack, modified by DiggerFan

Fuel Tank - V4 Pack

Radiator - V4 Pack

Batteries - V4 Pack

Leaf Springs - DiggerFan

Leaf Spring Handling - Outlawed

Also, thanks to Blizzard & Hot Shoe for testing this truck.

If I forgot anyone, please notify me as soon as possible.

What's New in Version 2


  • An error was corrected in the shock2 settings in the truck file.
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The link is not working my friend.


I fixed an error with one of the shock2 settings, that was pointed out by Outlawed. I've added a new version download link, which is awaiting admin approval.

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were do I get the sled from

Go to the download page for my Traviss McCarthy Center TNT track. There is a link in the readme that'll lead you to the sled. Instructions on how to make the sled appear on the track are also included in the readme.


John, these are beautiful replicas. Really very well done in detail and paint. It's truly a pleasure to have been able to beta these trucks for you. Thank you so much for that opportunity, and for making such a wonderful replica to on of my favorite TNT trucks!

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ok um i downloaded the pack as standalone and it crashed my game. How come?


Are you given any specific error messages when the game crashes?

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Well, it says im missing a couple of files involving heartbeat spec.png but i dont think that's a problem.


Maybe your download was interrupted or corrupted, causing missing or unreadable files? The zip I uploaded should have all the necessary files which were re-used from the Heartbeat truck.


Is anyone else having issues with missing files?

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