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  1. Same here. R1 is also making the truck tires lock up. Happened after downloading 0.4.8
  2. Worth a shot. A lot to ask for but any of these trucks would be awesome as a square body! Name: Black Pearl Body: 72 C10 Chassis: Cohen Paint: Or new paint. Not going to push my luck on that Other Details: Bodyless Version ____________________________________ Name: Bad Company Body: 72 C10 Chassis: CRD I think? Paint: Other Details: Bodyless Version and Zoomies _____________________________________ Name: Hooligan Body: 72 C10 Chassis: CRD? Again not sure Paint: Other Details: Bod
  3. Well deserved win by Ryan definitely the best run of the night. Most drivers drove like poo or broke really early. Grave Digger is the only team that puts on a badass encore to end the show. They send the whole team out there and free for all. They do what they want and drive it into the ground being crazy as poo for the fans and thats how you should end the show not like that lame bs promoting a movie.
  4. Should have put Black Pearl in this pack
  5. Glendale Feb. was by far the best stadium track of 2017
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