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  1. JJRAYX10

    Grad Pack

    very good pack! Even though most of the tracks arent even in staduims they are still fun to play! Thanks for converting them!
    If it crashes the game, just open the pack, and seperately add "Punisher.zip", and "SFBO.zip" to the vehicles folder and it works perfectly. Black ops rims dont show up though.
  2. yeah it works now. I just downloaded .4.6 and it started working
  3. Okay, well i'm sorry and i feel bad. So i did retexture it, and changed the rating 👍
  4. i had to remove the crowd from the stands, and most of the props, the stadium is just a white empty weird looking thing. Yea, we need an fps version badly
  5. So uhh, i'm new to the sim monsters community, but i can try to help you guys out. If your truck probably sounds stupid, and you wanna change that, this tutorial can help. It's important that you read the whole thing, like the whole entire thing, so that you don't make a mistake. You can just use the sound that i'm providing, to make it easier, but I will make a part 2 for those of you who want to take a sound from a truck and copy it to another one. 1. So first, you click this link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2csncvnrbd3chac/Zoomiesv2.zip/file this here, is a great sound. It's my favorite. To make it easier you can use this. 2. Open "Zoomiesv2.zip" that you just downloaded, (if you are using WinRAR, WinZip, or your ordinary file explorer, it will work the same). Find the name of the zip file of the truck you wanna change the sound of (to find out, you can go on rigs of rods and listen to trucks, to see if there's one that sounds stupid, and then leave the game. Go to "Rigs of rods .4" then click on "vehicles" or "packs". Either one will work). Before you go to step 3, I recommend you to create a new folder on your desktop and put the files in there. That way, you can easily copy the files to multiple trucks if you want. 3. Once you find the zip file of the truck(s) you wanna change, go back to "Zoomiesv2.zip" and highlight all the files in the zip. Right click on them, and click "Extract to". It will open a window. On the window, select "documents" then "Rigs or rods .4", then "trucks" or packs", then the truck you want to change. If you're on WinRAR, click the "+" next to documents, then follow the same order from the previous sentence. This part really requires you to pay attention. 4. So now that your files are in the truck you want scroll down until you find, "yourtruck.truck", example: "MaxD2016.truck" open it with notepad and select always open ".truck" files with it, for future use. If you are changing a pack, there are multiple .truck files. If you know which .truck it is for sure, click on it, if you don't, click through all of the .truck files in the zip and look at the very top of the them. If the words at the top are the truck you want to change, then stay on that file and continue reading. The the term .truck file tells rigs of rods that there is a new truck to load. Now that you opened the .truck file, read carefully: YOU CANT CHANGE OR DELETE ANY OF THE WORDS TYPED IN THE .TRUCK FILE BESIDES WHAT I'M TELLING YOU TO CHANGE. OTHERWISE, THE TRUCK MAY NOT EVEN SHOW UP IN THE GAME OR WON'T WORK RIGHT AND WILL MOST LIKELY BREAK THE GAME. Scroll to the top and you'll see the name of the truck. The name shown there is what the name appears as in ROR. Make sure it's correct and that it's the truck you wan't to change. Once you are sure that it's the right truck go to step 5. 5. Scroll down through the .truck file slowly, until you see "soundsources". This is what you'll see: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rollon disabledefaultsounds soundsources 98, ____________ 98, ___________ ;soft metal ;set_beam_defaults 7200000, 1150, 50000, 6200000 set_beam_defaults -1, -1, 1000000, 10000000000000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The text in green is what you are going to change. Change what is currently under soundsources to: 98, Zoomiesv2 98, Zoomiesv2Starter so it should finally look EXACTLY, AND I MEAN EXACTLY LIKE THIS FOR IT TO WORK: And do NOT copy and paste, it wont work ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rollon disabledefaultsounds soundsources 98, Zoomiesv2 98, Zoomiesv2Starter ;soft metal ;set_beam_defaults 7200000, 1150, 50000, 6200000 set_beam_defaults -1, -1, 1000000, 10000000000000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit and save the file. If it says something like, do you wish to change archive, say yes. If it doesn't work, you did something wrong. If you are 10000000% positive that you perfectly wrote what I told you to, or you need help, just reply! So that's it. My first Sim Monsters Tutorial post. More are coming soon:)
  6. When i load the terrain the game crashes or nothing shows up in it. explain
    Awesome! I had to delete over 50 files, including the png's for sam boyd stadium, and it looked so weird. After i removed them, it stopped lagging. I love this track, and it's very fun
  7. does this work on .4.5? i tried everything. it wont work
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