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    ok for your first truck not bad but there's a lot of improvements to be made. Mostly being the sway bars and body. to put it bluntly the body is floating honestly don't know how that counts as passible. sway bars blocks are in the front but the actual sway bars are behind the shocks. small tip if use a truck with the sway bars in the front as a base if the sway bar blocks are located in the front. again not bad but A LOT of improvements need to be made. EDIT: I didn't even notice the lexan theres like no texture for it.
  1. Christian Lenued KingSlayer Soon KillSwitch#3116
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Aye yo killswitch making tracks? modified edy's stafford springs model and added bits and pieces from Travis' castrol and maxdmans Gaithersburg SPAWN POINT SHOULD BE FIXED NOW
  3. I noticed there has been a severe lack of asphalt/concrete tracks in rigs lately
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Oh hey look its not a killswitch this time dont worry next truck will be a killswitch
  5. Name- Christian Lenued Truck- Iron Outlaw Truck Link- Backup Truck- Kamikaze Discord- KillSwitch#4194
  6. Christian Lenued Iron Outlaw KillSwitch#4194
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