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  1. Christian Lenued Iron Outlaw KillSwitch#4194
  2. Christian Lenued KillSwitch KillSwitch#4194
  3. Version 1.0.0


    hey look another killswitch.....yay. tbh this has got to be the most attractive looking killswitch ever with 2 paints made by ya boy and one made by my boy proxy virus who does not have sims account so I don't really know how to credit him for it so yea shout out to rockgod for the og node beam and stimson for the wiring from just get er done I made some minor edits to the wiring and the node beam but most of the credits go to those guys like with all the other killswitch trucks THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM
  4. I would but ion feel like remaking the sss and regular one and ion feel like making my graphics guy redo the steampunk paint so imma pass
  5. Like I said I suck at keeping things secret
  6. Christian Lenued KillSwitch 8 KillSwitch#4194
  7. still got a whole month until star spangled spectacular buttttt Im horrible at keeping things secret
  8. Christian Lenued Hurricane Force KillSwitch#4194 soon
  9. Sup Its been a very hot minute since I last posted here considering I got banned during my absence I started A LOT of projects but these are the most interesting 4 and a good amount of the others were made for other people. So lemme quit stalling and get into them #1 probably the least interesting of the 4 I got bored and decided it shouldn't be too difficult to make a track lemme try it out. Weird how I was both right and wrong #2 Oh look another grave digger that's craaaaaaazzzzyyyyy. But luckily this is digger 22 which is a digger that hasn't been made yet I think #3 nanananananananananana BATMAN I really only started to work on this because I didn't like how my taz turned out which Im remaking and #4 and probably the one I've probably put the most amount of work in toxic. I say that because there isn't many reference pictures of the truck especially in cab, I had to make new headers and there's not really a base n/b for me to put it on other than a cohen/eddie n/b which has been extensively modified by yours truly. this truck is taking a lot of time and effort but hopefully it can be the quality I want it to be. I can't remember who made the paint I think it was mike bev I'll come back and fix this once I figure out who made the paint
  10. Name: Christian Lenued Truck: KillSwitch 1 Truck Link: Discord: KillSwitch#4194
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Yo it's been a minute huh. If you're wondering where killswitch 4 is it was so bad that it made me change the whole design of killswitch File 1: KillSwitch V File 2: KillSwitch VI Chassis - Outlawed 540 Merlin, Radiator & Fans, Fire Extinguisher, Fuel Cell - fernBurn 540 Merlin, Radiator & Fans, Overflow tank, Fuel Cell, BKT's, Body - Andrew Sheets New BKT texture: Edy N/B Setup, sounds, MSD Box - rockgod88 Shocks - Mark Colineri Knuckles, Axles - Klayton FTI Transfer Case, EFI Screen, ISP Seat, Gauges - Steele Rear steer motor - dd908 Shifter, Power/Fuel switches - crazyman444 Transmission, Batteries - RockCrwlr RII Box - DanDon Driver Model - Helen Weales If I missed anyone out let me know and I will credit you oh yeah btw...... these aren't open customs @Dogecoin
  12. Name:Christian Lenued Truck:Monster Mutt Rottweiler Backup Truck Choice 1: Monster Energy Backup Truck Choice 2:Zombie Discord:KillSwitch#4194
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