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  1. Name: Christian Lenued Truck: KillSwitch 2.5 Link: TBA Discord: KillSwitch#4194 [Already in Discord]
  2. Full Name: Christian Lenued Truck (and variation if necessary): Scarlet Bandit Hometown: Cameron TX Discord Name: KillSwitch#4194 Years in Competition: 1 (I forgot if I had a truck or not)
  3. pretty sure Im locked in but just in case
  4. KillSwitch

    KillSwitch II

    Version 1.0.0


    Another KillSwitch with almost the exact same paint job just on a different body? Well yes because I needed a new truck for a new league. even though I barely did anything with the last KillSwitch. THIS WILL ONLY WORK FOR THE NEWEST VERSION OF ROR AND IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH THE GOODYEAR TIRES DISAPPEARING WHEN SPAWNING IT IN MORE THAN ONCE THAT HAS NOT BEEN FIXED YET I AM WORKING ON FIXING IT. TO SPAWN IN THE GOODYEAR VARIANT MORE THAN ONCE SELECT THE DROP DOWN MENU AND SELECT GOODYEAR DO NOT SELECT WHAT IT DEFAULTS TO Blender work, paint, butler built head restraint, wiring/plumbing, RII strips, minor chassis edits, the original truck. - stimson Chassis - Outlawed 540 Merlin, Radiator & Fans, Fire Extinguisher, Fuel Cell - fernBurn 540 Merlin, Radiator & Fans, Overflow tank, Fuel Cell, BKT's, Body - Andrew Sheets N/B Setup, sounds, MSD Box - rockgod88 Shocks - Mark Colineri Knuckles, Axles - Klayton FTI Transfer Case, EFI Screen, ISP Seat, Gauges - Steele Rear steer motor - dd908 Shifter, Power/Fuel switches - crazyman444 Transmission, Batteries - RockCrwlr RII Box - DanDon Driver Model - Helen Weales Paint and other very small blender edits - Me
  5. What is up with me and old chevy bodies?
  6. Name: Christian Lenued Discord: KillSwitch#4194 Truck Name: KillSwitch Truck Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ql0nni7VZvI6Puxpj5dYoEy9BQMojCRi/view?usp=sharing Truck Theme: CYKA - City Morgue
  7. Name: Christian Lenued Truck: KillSwitch Truck Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XQjkXOtRmKEhWOAhxLSyuvuhTimj9guP/view Discord: KillSwitch#4194
  8. Full Name: Christian Lenued Truck (and variation if necessary): reserve driver Hometown: Cameron, Tx Discord Name: KillSwitch#4194 Years in Competition: 1
  9. KillSwitch

    Kill Switch

    dude the download button is in the top right
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