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  1. Name: Christian Lenued Discord: KillSwitch#4194 Truck Name: KillSwitch Truck Link: TBA Truck Theme: Inside the Fire - Disturbed
  2. Name: Christian Lenued Truck: KillSwitch Truck Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XQjkXOtRmKEhWOAhxLSyuvuhTimj9guP/view Discord: KillSwitch#4194
  3. Full Name: Christian Lenued Truck (and variation if necessary): reserve driver Hometown: Cameron, Tx Discord Name: KillSwitch#4194 Years in Competition: 1
  4. KillSwitch

    Kill Switch

    dude the download button is in the top right
  5. KillSwitch

    Kill Switch

    dude the download button is in the top right
  6. Does anyone have a ford bronco bake?
  7. KillSwitch

    Kill Switch

    My bad just fixed it
  8. KillSwitch

    Kill Switch

    Version 1.0.0


    So here it is.... the Truck my account is named after. I put a lot of effort into this truck I even learned how to use blender just to get the body. I honestly am really proud of this truck. with that being said I hope you guys enjoy! I'm gonna use this truck for a league so its not an open custom but if you want to use this for a league just ask. Credits: Paint: KillSwitch All the pretty parts and probably a bunch of other stuff too: Andrew/Fern Body: Diggerfan Body edits: KillSwitch Putting the truck together: MrGraveDigger24 Other props: The SM Community OG truck: Jonny Zimmer
  9. oh wow this is actually decent. had a tough time choosing between this paint and the one P3ForLife customs made
  10. does anyone have a titan bake?
  11. Hey everyone my name is KillSwitch, my real name is Christian. I used to have an account but I logged out and forgot the password, I didn't make an introduction post before because I had already done quite a bit when i thought i should've made one. Im quite inexperienced with making trucks and working blender. If there's anyone willing to help shoot me a pm. I don't know what else to say except its pretty cool here and so far I've enjoyed my time.
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