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  1. Name: Trent Phung Truck: Firestone 4Runner Truck Link: dm Discord: KidwerewollfRo_Mj#7212
  2. Truck: Zombie Hunter Link: uhh i think you have it Discord: KidwerewollfRo_Mj#7212
  3. Name: Trent PhungQualifying Truck: Reverse MayhemLink: ill dm you itDiscord: KidwerewollfRo_Mj#7212
    dawg go bark (how the ears and tail shine tho)
  4. Driver: Trent Phung Series you hope to get drafted to: Malicious Years in competition: 2 Discord: KidwerewollfRo_Mj#7212 Biggest Accomplishment in SM events (Optional):
  5. Name: Trent Phung Truck: Reverse Mayhem Link: the dm
  6. Name: Trent Phung Number 1 Pick/Link(DM if private):Monster Patrol https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3082-monster-patrol-phelps/ Number 2 Pick/Link(DM if private): Time Flys Number 3 Pick/Link(DM if private): The Ripper https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3429-the-ripper-2020/ Number 4 Pick/Link(DM if private): Stone Crusher (terron gonn release if im sure)
  7. Name: Trent PhungTruck: Time FlysLink: Discord: you should have it
  8. Name: Trent Phung Hometown: Anaheim, CA Discord: you has it
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