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  1. Max Silver 1st Pick : Stinger Unleashed 2nd Pick: Jekyll & Hyde 3rd Pick : Hurricane Force 4th Pick : Soldier Fortune Black Ops
  2. Max Silver stl mo in the server
  3. has anyone converted this track to .4?
  4. are you sure there's no way to fix it
  5. my game crashes when i try to spawn in some trucks such as any truck from the 2019 avenger pack or a truck from the 2019 saigon shaker pack I've asked some people and no one else has this problem if you have any idea how to fix this please tell me I'd appreciate it
    Finally a Glendale or Phoenix track on Sim (that I know of)
  6. Okay I'll be sure to check the Discord server tomorrow for sign ups
  7. ok I'm new to ROR; is signing up for an event complicated or hard in any way?
  8. thank you are there still spots open to compete?
  9. is there a link to the set in the discord server
  10. do we have a to use retro trucks in competition or can we use newer age trucks
  11. switching trucks Name: Max Silver Discord: soggyenchiladas#9920 Truck Name: Jester Truck Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xrld1wa7xb7t01g/Jester2020.zip/file Truck Theme:
  12. I don't think it's that bad it has Monster Energy, Great Clips MW, Crusader, and a few other good trucks. Sorry I'm new to SimMonsters, can I not use Crusader or any trucks in the pack in events?
  13. Lots of trucks in the pack do you not have it?
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