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All Elite Monster Trucks Brisbane 2015 Fun Run!


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After an incredible season 1, AEMT returns yet again for a special fun run in my hometown, Brisbane, Australia!

As of writing this post I will be taking sign ups! NOTE: You must pick from one of the trucks mentioned below. Anything thats not on the list or has been picked already will not be counted. 
List of trucks are:

1. Grave Digger 27 (Max Silver)

2. Max-D (Travis Palm)

3. Son-Uva-Digger (MJH)

4. Metal Mulisha (Zach Romig)

5. El Toro Loco (TJ)

6. Dragon (Ewan Ford)

7. Monster Mutt Dalmatian (Cora Solera)

8. Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

9. Madusa (Trevor Michalesko)

10. Zombie (Killswitch)

11. Zombie Hunter

12. Monster Energy (Marcelo)


Sign Up Format is:


Truck Link:



Good luck everyone!!!

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