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(3/24/22) FBS: Road To Madness (Anaheim 2014 Show 1)

Brad Kerlin

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This Thursday night we will see the second to last stop before BattleMania, Road To Madness! This is going to be a wild show, and in the main event we have maybe the most high stakes match in FBS history. After Blake Thompson finally reached the mountaintop, he now has to knock his biggest challenge off it. After Blake was unable to make KOTM, Brandon Adam fought through 11 other men to become the interim FBS Grand Champion. And now there are 2 champions. And it's time to decide, who will be the one champion. Blake's got a lot to prove, and Brandon's finally reached the top of FBS after numerous attempts. This might be one of the most important matches in FBS history, and all that's left is to see who will be the last one standing, and who will be the undisputed FBS Grand Champion. Also, Brandon Adam will defend the Extreme Rules Title against Ike Toussaint! This match was supposed to take place at BBB II but it had to be postponed but we will see it here. We know what these guys are capable of, so it's just a matter of who's willing to do the most unexpected. Also, Brad Kerlin will defend the Open Challenge Title, and the "Sonnen Boys", Blake Thompson & Martin Hussey will defend their tag titles, as well as what will fill out the rest of the card. For this event we are heading to Anaheim 2014 Show 1! This track is a standard So-Cal style track, and has plenty of obstacles these drivers are familiar with. But with the freedom and (un)limitations of FBS, these drivers will no doubt create a event to remember. With time running out until BattleMania, these drivers will no doubt be looking to lock in their place on the card. But for some of them, this may be the last chance to do so. So we will see who makes the most of their opportunity. See you on the track! 


Match Order: (Times are in EST) 

7:30 PM - TBA v. TBA 
7:45 PM - TBA v. TBA
8:00 PM - Brad Kerlin v. TBA (Open Challenge Title)
8:15 PM - TBA v. TBA
8:30 PM - TBA v. TBA
8:45 PM - Brandon Adam v. Ike Toussaint (Extreme Rules Title)
9:00 PM - Blake Thompson & Martin Hussey v. TBA & TBA (Tag Team Titles)
9:20 PM - Blake Thompson v. Brandon Adam (Undisputed Grand Championship)


Sign-Up Format: 

Truck Link: 

Sign-Ups will cap at 10 drivers. Everyone after will be a backup if needed.


Track Link: 


Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QdeIIMMl952OdNfmx_nblhDTFW5QZTOCywkS4XLE1jc/edit?usp=sharing

This event will be live streamed in the Sim Monsters discord voice chat. See you for the event!

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