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(4/10/22) FBS: BattleMania (Hawaii 2022)

Brad Kerlin

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On Sunday night FBS brings it's latest ultimate showcase. In the past 4 months we've seen some of the most insane and incredible events that have come across Sim Monsters. And it all culminates with this event. In the main event, after a wild and crazy tournament in the Deadly Draw, a new challenger has emerged. After proving his worth in nearly every single event this year, he gets the biggest opportunity he's had in his virtual monster trucking career. Daniel Smith, after not just winning, but dominating in the Deadly Draw, gets his first main event match in FBS. Daniel's been in the shadows waiting for his time, and it's his time now. But he's facing the guy with the most main events in FBS history. One of the OG's of FBS. And arguably, the GOAT of FBS. The FBS Grand Champion, Blake Thompson. Blake's proven he's the top guy from day 1, and nearly every time he goes on the track he just continues to build on his already stacked resume. This will be Daniel's biggest test yet, but Blake is not taking him lightly. FBS is all about making everyone expect the unexpected, and this main event shows that in spades. And by the end, whoever is the Grand Champion, will have truly earned it. Also, Brandon Adam will defend the Extreme Rules Title against Chadwick Deerfoot! Brandon has set all sorts of records with his reign, and proven that it may just be him who decides when he loses the title. But for this event, the FBS officials are sending maybe their biggest bullet in the chamber, Chadwick Deerfoot. We all know what Chadwick is capable of, and his tendency to clutch up whenever he's in a big match, so this will be Brandon's biggest challenge to date. But no one's figured out how to beat Brandon for his title, so the whoever walks out with the Extreme Rules Title is no sure thing. Also, Brad Kerlin will defend his Open Challenge Title in the first ever Seven To Survive! Brad's all about proving that he can compete at the top level on the league scene, and he's upped the ante for himself here by not only defending his title in Seven To Survive, not only adding one more person to this match for the first time ever, but by putting himself at Number 1 in the order. This will be his biggest challenge ever, but if he is able to somehow walk out with the win, he will truly be undeniable no more. But there's going to be six other people who are going to want to end his reign, so whoever is the Open Challenge Champion at the end, will be the most deserving of it. Also, Blake Thompson & Martin Hussey defend the Tag Team Titles against Brad Kerlin & Christian Lenued, Ewan Ford and Christian Lenued will end their heated saga in the first ever Texas Long Jump Competition, as well as what will fill out the rest of the card.  For this event we are heading to Hawaii 2022! This track has all the best aspects of a great freestyle track. You want massive obstacles? You got it. You want backflip ramps? You got it. You want busses? You got it. You want near endless opportunities for technicality? You got it. You want a track that's challenging? This track is more than challenging. This track is more than worthy of determining who will be the ones standing tall for this event. With the future of FBS being uncertain after this event, these drivers are going to give it all they've got here. Even though this may be the last time FBS opens it's doors, it feels like it's the first all over again. It's another ultimate showcase, so this is where moments are made, stars are born, champions are crowned, and history is written. This is BattleMania. But most importantly, this is Freestyle Battle Series! See you on the track! 


Match Order: (Times are in EST) 

7:20 PM - Ewan Ford v. Christian Lenued (Texas Long Jump Competition; BAMF PURE Title)
7:30 PM - Brad Kerlin v. TBD (Seven To Survive)
7:40 PM - TBD v. TBD (Seven To Survive)
7:50 PM - TBD v. TBD (Seven To Survive)
8:00 PM - TBD v. TBD (Seven To Survive)
8:10 PM - TBD v. TBD (Seven To Survive)
8:20 PM - TBD v. TBD (Seven To Survive; Open Challenge Title)
8:30 PM - TBA v. TBA
8:45 PM - TBA v. TBA 
9:00 PM - Brandon Adam v. Chadwick Deerfoot (Extreme Rules Title)
9:15 PM - TBA v. TBA
9:30 PM - Blake Thompson & Martin Hussey v. Brad Kerlin & Christian Lenued (Tag Team Titles)
9:50 PM - Blake Thompson v. Daniel Smith (Grand Title)


Sign-Up Format: 

Truck Link: 

Sign-Ups will cap at 12 drivers. Everyone after will be a backup if needed.


Track Link: 



Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QdeIIMMl952OdNfmx_nblhDTFW5QZTOCywkS4XLE1jc/edit?usp=sharing

This event will be live streamed in the Sim Monsters discord voice chat. See you for the event!

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