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  1. Name: Adrian CooperTruck: nWoLink: Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  2. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Lucas Oil Crusader Back-up Truck 1: BKT Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ey2x607y20ukei3/AresCorruptedCarnage2021.zip/file
  4. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Blue Thunder 2016 Truck Link:
  5. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Colin McRae Vision Truck Link: Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  6. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Monster Energy (Coty) Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  7. Adrian Cooper Discord: MrCarnage123#0013 Truck Name: Rockwell R.E.D. Truck Link:
  8. Name- Adrian Cooper Truck- Miss Over Bored Truck Link- https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3841-miss-over-bored-2021/ Backup Truck- Iron Warrior Discord- MrCarnage123#0013
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Miss Over Bored 2021 made by Trevor Michelob Ultra
    Fantastic work as always. Every ramp face and texture is immaculate, the stadium looks gorgeous.
    This selection of tracks is absolutely fantastic, and like always I'd expect nothing less! Obviously, the Arlington track is what we saw on the Stadium Tour in the 2021 season and handles as it's supposed to, an impressive job as per usual. The Atlanta track is especially fun to drive on with an interesting creative racing style that's really fun and challenging to drive on. Fantastic job as always TJ, keep up the great work pal!
  10. Name: Adrian Cooper Discord: MrCarnage123#0013 Truck: Overkill Evolution Truck: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3095-overkill-evolution-black-stallion-pack/?do=getNewComment
  11. Adrian Cooper Ares Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ohbbrwigfri9rtd/AresCorruptedCarnage2021.zip/file MrCarnage123#0013 Theme Song: Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War (Put Wrong Theme Song First Time, This Means War is actual theme)
  12. Name (First and last): Adrian Cooper Truck: Corrupted Carnage Discord: MrCarnage123#0013 Theme song: 10 Years - Russian Roulette Link to truck: Unfinished, will send when finished.
  13. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Avenger Truck Link: Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  14. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Battle Beast Truck Link: Will DM Tomorrow Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  15. Name:Adrian Cooper Truck: Rat Fink Truck Link: Discord:MrCarnage123#0013
  16. Name: Adrian Cooper Truck: Ares Truck Link: Will Send When Finished Discord: MrCarnage123#0013
  17. Adrian Cooper Lucas Oil Crusader DM MrCarnage123#0013
  18. Name: Adrian CooperQualifying Truck: New Earth AuthorityLink: DMsDiscord:MrCarnage123#0013
    very nice very good very good very good i am excited to compete on it!
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