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RORSCS Replacement and Backup Driver Sign Ups


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RORSCS Replacement and Backup Sign Ups

Really simple. If you're interested in being a backup driver for events or a being potential full-time replacement for a inactive driver, please put your information here and you will be contacted by RORSCS Staff about any protentional back up options (open spots in events) or any fulltime driving options.

- Backup drivers gain regular season drivers 50% of points earned in the event.

- A regular season driver will be replaced if they miss 3 events in a row.


How to sign up:


Preferred Series (East or West):

Years of Experience:

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  • Durham changed the title to RORSCS Replacement and Backup Driver Sign Ups

Name: Jonah Ylhainen
Preferred series: East series, although i may occasionally be able to do west starting in a few weeks or so
Years of Experience: Competed in RORSPS in '21 and '22. Also competed in XMT, DNQ'ing all 5 events i ever attempted.

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On 2/14/2023 at 5:22 PM, Jackattack29 said:

Name: Jack McCarthy

Series: Any

Years of experience: 10 (that's depressing)

Discord: Jackattack29 #2224

Please DM me on discord or give me a message in the RORSCS discord. I'm stuggling to find your discord. 

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