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Your Creations Then and Now


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Well I thought I would throw up another thread for you guys to show us how you have progressed ever since becoming a modeler for trucks and/or tracks, or even your first paint job for a truck. And yes Sketchup projects can be shown.

This was my 1st ever Blender track. It had about 5,000 verts on it. Back when the subdivide tool was around.


A custom from about 2 months ago


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I guess I'll share. Starting from Sketchup and on. Hopefully this won't be too long.

First track, way over sized. (Racing lanes were 55 feet wide)


Second track, too small.


Last things from Sketchup:

All car models:


Last and only released track: (Seemed to lag some people)


Now for Blender. I'll just skip a head to my most recent track:


Well there ya go. 2ish years of work up to now.

Oh and I made a few truck paints:



I think there was a third version, but I don't feel like digging it out.

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