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FUN RUN 3/26 Wednesday 7 EST @ Arlington 2012


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Since there quite a few people who can run Weekdays, and some who can ONLY run weekdays, i'll go for it. Qualifying will be from 3-7est tomorrow, and 3-6:30 est Wednesday. I've done quite a few of these before so hopefully it'll work out again.







(Customs allowed)


Chat Opens:5:45est

Event Starts: When everyones in and were ready.


First 20 to sign up will be in the show, everyone else is a fill-in


Track Link




Joshua Micks- Metal Mulisha

Aaron Cruickshank - Maximum Destruction

Ricky Garcia - Grave Digger the Legend

Voth - Scorched

Jack- Avenger

Aaron Lurie - Son Uva Digger

Zach Nicholas - Iron Man

Devin Doss - Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

Trever Amos- Wolverine

Daniel Wray - Bounty Hunter 2005

Seth Holloway - Brutus

Cameron Smith - Project 81

Trenton Ray - 1/2 pint

Noah Chiasson - Southern Slayer 2.0

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