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Hump Day Fun Run @ Oakland 2011

Zach Nicholas

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Just a simple fun run, gonna be held at Oakland 2011. The track layout we will be running is your standard So-Cal style, making an inside-out turn and coming back for the finish. No qualifying; brackets will be randomized. Only replica trucks.


Event Times:

Chat Start: 5:30 PM Est

Driver Meeting: 5:45 PM Est

Racing Start: 5:50 - 6:00 PM Est



Zach Nicholas - Maximum Destruction

Chadwick Deerfoot - MM Rottweiler 2014

Seth Holloway - Grave Digger

Trenton Shaw - Blue Thunder

Jack McCarthy - Monster Mutt

Alex Steinhaus - Grave Digger The Legend

Mark Colineri - Wolverine

Trevor Amos - Bounty Hunter

Joshua Micks - Son Uva Digger

Ricky Garcia -  El Toro Loco

Daniel Simon - Lucas Oil Crusader

Devin Doss - Metal Mulisha

Josh Gajewski - NEA

Matt Wilkinson - Excaliber

Jeremiah Price - Iron Man

Bob Jones - Avenger

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