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World Finals XIV & World Finals XV


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I have now had the World Finals XIV track for well over a year and the XV track has been out for a while too. Is there any intention by Their respected creators to finish them at any point? I am sure I am just one of many who would love to see these two tracks completed.

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@billbag, you should avoid asking for release dates. That's a big NO here. If there is something you would like to see be made in the future, you can always make a request in the appropriate request thread. On the main page just go to "Request Thread" and there are quick links to "truck requests" and "track request", just don't make requests too often, don't ask when it will be done or if it's being worked on, and understand the material is hard and takes a lot of time to make. It's always worth it. The SM staff and content creators/contributors always ensure the best quality in what's released. @ColorfulCrayons, I'm glad to see a newer member who understands these things, we don't see that too often. Kudos to you!

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