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Sim-monsters has had a recent decline in revenue from our advertisements. Sim-monsters costs around $70 a month to run and operate at its current state. If you would like to donate please click the bottom link for paypal or choose an amount in the side bar.

In order to become a "Donator" you must donate at least $5. The Donator Member Status is permanent. You may also choose to donate anonymously if you would prefer.


Donators enjoy the following benefits

Basic HTML options for forum posts

No Download Limits

Avoid Swear Filter (abusing this feature will result in the privilege being revoked, we ask that you exercise some common sense with this perk).
Up to 5 display name changes per month

Profile Customization
No Wait between searches
Up to 50 invites in a PM (5 default)
300 PM's instead of (50 default)
Give double the rep in a 24 hour period
Up to 3 images in signature
3 urls in signature
7 lines for total Signature length
Break the members list at bottom

Sweet Donator Banner under name

Support sim-monsters and help keep the site alive.

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Hey, if this whole thing is still going on by this Thursday, I plan on donating then. In the meanwhile, I would like to know if this money can help you fix the profile editing problem because I noticed you mentioned some things in the benefits that require you to edit your profile. Just wondering because, if you haven't already noticed, it's a widespread topic in the community right now.

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Ive got the day off and plan on attempting to fix it, hopefully i can finally get it fixed, Profile customizations will become a donator only option.


Edit Profile is now fixed

THANK YOU!!! My life is complete now, lol. On a serious note though, thanks man.

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